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Travel & Hospitality Consulting

Enhance the future of leisure and business

Seize the Space in Travel & Hospitality

Leading travel and hospitality brands must exceed traveler expectation through seamless digital experience and consistent service or be left behind. Brands who adapt their business models, operations, systems and culture will unlock opportunities and forge lasting customer relationships based on personalization and engaging experiences.

Sectors we serve

  • Food & Dining

    Use customer-centric digital technology to bake loyalty into your profit-driven strategies—from on-premises to mobile, delivery, and more.

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  • Airlines

    Drive value through innovative digital services to get your business and your passengers exactly where they need to go.

  • Hotels & Casinos

    Craft optimal guest experiences across dispersed customer touchpoints and bring curated leisure preferences to life in real time.

  • Airports

    Reclaim market share and create alternative revenue streams with digital investments that prioritize security and efficiency.

  • Cruise Lines

    Upgrade your digital offerings with passenger-first strategies to provide moving experiences for modern travelers.

  • Leisure Destinations

    Build brand awareness, loyalty and experiences of a lifetime, with transformative data-first engineering and strategy.

  • Travel Agencies & Tour Operators

    Chart a new path forward with data advancements that address post-pandemic traveler concerns and support bespoke personalization.

The How Channel

The New Marriott President Shares Her Expert Growth Strategy

Twenty-four years ago, Stephanie Linnartz joined Marriott International. Today, she’s explaining the global consumer strategy behind 160 million members.

Travel Trends Data Report

Travel preferences have shifted dramatically over the past few years but how do priorities vary by age group? Understand the most recent trends in Publicis Sapient's research study focusing on uncovering the differences in travel preferences among Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X, across a global sample of 3,000 participants.

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Our Solutions

Build the digital capabilities you need to continuously adapt to change.


Rapid Commerce in Travel

Rapid Commerce in Travel

Publicis Sapient’s cloud-native accelerator allows travel & hospitality businesses to launch and fine-tune sales platforms quickly and easily.

CDP Quickstart

CDP Quickstart

Accelerates an organization’s digital business transformation. This fast, deployable solution provides the cloud-native components to make it easier for companies to build an open source customer data platform (CDP).



A fully adaptable platform that enables in-venue experiences using content and data in ways that are meaningful and effective.

Engineering Transformation

Engineering Transformation

is a holistic program that modernizes information technology (IT) to prepare companies for comprehensive digital business transformation (DBT).

Six Tips to Achieve Personalization at Scale

Unlock the building blocks of data-led personalization. Watch a discussion hosted by Publicis Sapient, featuring a Forrester Research analyst to learn the key to increasing customer acquisition in 2021.

The Future Is Contactless


Top of Mind

Is COVID-19 A Wake-up Call for Airlines to Renew Sustainability Efforts?
“Airlines need to be proactive about dealing with their impact on greenhouse gas emissions head-on, or they will have to react to circumstances beyond their control in similar ways they are having to now."
Jagdish Ghanshani
Managing Partner, Global Client Partner, Travel & Hospitality
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Our Capabilities

A Better How

Data has become the lifeblood of the next generation travel and hospitality industry. For many, however, data remains a challenge as it sits across systems and organizational silos. We help simplify the solution by defining the technology, tools and architecture to unlock data and deliver smart anticipation of guest needs at every touchpoint.

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Hospitality brands continue to strive for operational excellence to improve efficiency and reduce cost. We help clients using service design  to map end-to-end services and apply our engineering processes and technologies to help teams achieve operational agility and find new efficiencies in their operations. From workforce automation, to operational system modernization, we transform the future of service and operations to unlock customer and business outcomes.

Travel companies were early technology innovators, but today many are still stuck with decades-old technology that limits their ability to innovate and adds cost. We help build digital experiences across front, middle and back-office systems with the use of DevOps and Lean practices to deliver results in real time and get solutions to market faster.

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We help reimagine the destination journey by integrating existing and emerging technologies to ensure all customer touchpoints deliver an ultra-personalized experience. With a commitment to sustainability, we fuse innovation and service design excellence to bring seamlessly curated destination experiences to life. With our transformative approach to data—and a decades-long obsession with customer experience—we believe smart destinations can democratize exquisite, world-class luxury.

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Today's traveler is faced with a disconnected travel journey, toggling between companies to build an end-to-end itinerary. Today travel brands have a rich opportunity, with a loyal customer base, a captive audience, and rich data that allows them to provide personalized recommendations on new services and products throughout the journey. We enable travel brands to leverage the best practices and capabilities of commerce and retail, unlocking value through new revenue streams and partnerships.

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Jagdish Ghanshani

Jagdish Ghanshani

Managing Partner, Global Client Partner, Travel & Hospitality