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Aviation Goes Digital: How to Transform

Global events demand rapid changes in staffing, pricing, routing, and more. And the agility needed to respond quickly can only be achieved alongside strategic digital investments. Find out how we’re transforming the aviation industry one brand at a time.

Enhancing the Guest Experience

Spirit Airlines Goes Mobile-First

Learn how our partnership led to seamless passenger experiences that more than doubled sales.

Lufthansa Digitizes the Traveler Experience

Find out how we teamed up to create the world’s first electronic bag tags, reducing average luggage drop time to 20 seconds.

Investing in Systems & Software

CDP Quick Start

Jumpstart your digital business transformation with intelligent, API-driven data strategy.

Modernizing Aviation Organizations

Learning From Global Events

Consider what airlines and travel brands can learn from past events including a worldwide health crisis.

Protecting the Planet

Discover how sustainable solutions can propel innovative businesses forward into the 2020s and beyond.

Jagdish Ghanshani
Jagdish Ghanshani
Senior Vice President and Managing Partner, Publicis Sapient
Nick Shay
Nick Shay
Group Vice President, Travel & Hospitality, International Markets

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