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What (exactly) is digital business transformation?

Put simply, digital business transformation is the reimagination of how companies transform themselves in a digital world.

Digital business transformation enables businesses and institutions to adopt and integrate technology across all facets of the organization. By embedding modern platforms that leverage data and AI, companies become more streamlined and effective while making customers happier and more loyal.   

Beyond digitizing parts of a business or adding limited revenue as a stopgap, true digital business transformation helps companies become digital at the core — upgrading legacy systems, reimagining user experience and unlocking value at every touchpoint.  

In an increasingly digital world, implementing a data-led transformation strategy is table stakes for organizations to stay relevant amid a constant drumbeat of emerging technologies and skyrocketing customer expectations.

These are the four main forces of connected change catalyzing companies to accelerate their digital transformation: 

Four forces listed as Customer behavior, Technological change, Business models, Societal change

Why is digital business transformation everywhere right now?

Digitalization has sparked a seismic shift in the way companies connect with customers, align on business goals and approach market challenges on a global scale. So why all the buzz around digital transformation?

In a word: survival.

In today’s world, most organizations have a digital and AI transformation currently underway—and for good reason. With the pace of digital innovation expected to keep accelerating by the nanosecond, falling behind the technology curve is an existential threat to organizations looking to stay relevant in the Digital Age.

As smarter technologies and disruptive innovation continue to raise the bar on consumer expectations, business environments are in a constant a state of flux. Through a pragmatic digital strategy built on modern ways of working, organizations are closing the gap between what consumers expect and what traditional business models can deliver.

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Unpacking the benefits of digital business transformation

Change, as they say, is inevitable. But the upside of a successful digital transformation is impossible to overstate.

By adopting a digital-first, customer-centric mindset built on perpetual innovation, brands can sustain relevance by adapting to change and capturing value through digital—all while driving meaningful impact for their employees, customers and communities by:

Together, these pillars create a company that’s able to continuously adapt so that when your business does need to evolve, you can do it at speed and at scale.

By partnering with a digital business transformation partner that shares your vision, organizations are better able to navigate these forces and the road ahead—sidestepping disruption, tapping into revenue streams and driving business impact that matters

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What makes our approach to digital transformation unique

At Publicis Sapient we believe the path to successful transformation is paved with continuous innovation and true partnership—the kind that works with you every step of the way from ideation to implementation to get to where you want to go. And it all starts with a simple idea: putting people first.

Our capabilities and unique SPEED approach to scalable digitalization are grounded in a dual view of both our clients and their customers—a people-centric lens that sharpens the way we consult, strategize and solve problems.  

We often say that transformation is a journey that transcends the destination—fusing Strategy, Product, Experience, Engineering, Data and AI to accelerate growth and create a foundation for perpetual change: getting smarter and more hyper automated at every stage. Because digital business transformation is a never-ending journey, guidance from a trusted transformation partner to provide support becomes even more important.  

At Publicis Sapient, we work side-by-side with our clients from ideation to implementation, to ensure their digital visions become a reality. By integrating a holistic approach to how organizations think, organize, operate and behave, and by blending customer centricity with best-in-class strategy and engineering, we’ve helped organizations radically transform for more than 30 years.

Publicis Sapient has been digitally transforming our clients' businesses for more than 30 years. We've partnered with clients across all industries and help them stay relevant in the digital age through the launch of the first online banks, travel portals, stock creating platforms, and retail commerce platforms.
Nigel VazChief Executive Officer

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