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Premise is a fully adaptable platform that enables in-venue experiences using content and data in ways that are meaningful and effective.


For more than 10 years, the product has provided the digital foundation for an array of digital solutions deployed in physical environments for many established organizations.

Jackie Walker, capability lead for Premise at Publicis Sapient, said the platform isn’t just about implementing solutions for digital signage. It helps established organizations address enterprise problems.

“We have always believed that enabling digital signage experiences should not be inherently different from web and mobile, and built Premise with purpose to bridge the gap between a sophisticated API-driven enterprise and management of deployed media players at scale,” Walker said. “This starting point makes Premise fundamentally different from any other offering in the digital signage space.”

Engagement: Reimagined

Engagement: Reimagined

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Deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time, every time. Learn how in-venue digital signage — enhanced with our solution Premise — leverages the power of data and cloud-first analytics to drive better business outcomes.

Premise delivers immersive experiences that are extendable, easy-to-update and reactive. This platform enables superior content strategy and creation with extraordinary attention to detail. While Premise can directly provide content management capability, it is fully extensible to integrate with any broader use digital content management systems.

Now teams can expedite digital signage solutions with a pre-validated product that delivers truly differentiated experiences: current, contextual and personalized.

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This customer-centric capability can be operated in the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model. A dedicated team of Premise engineers and subject matter experts are available to ensure core product capability is best used, and to provide customizations and extensions to meet specific customer needs – including the development of bespoke customer experiences and specific enterprise integrations.

Publicis Sapient believes that an in-venue solution should connect to the client’s enterprise, access data from the content management system of record, accommodate real-time data integration (without heavy processing on the endpoint) and anticipate omnichannel use cases. Premise enables this level of flexibility.

“Premise was always meant to be more of an ‘accelerator’ than a true product, in that we strive for solutions which are very closely integrated to a client's existing tech stack, and therefore even when we are leveraging core product capability, the end product is a custom solution for that client (e.g. pulling content from enterprise CMS, data integrations, etc.),” Walker explained.

Premise balances the flexibility to drive highly integrated customer experiences with out-of-the-box capabilities expected from an off-the-shelf digital signage solution. This offers reliable offline operation with robust content scheduling, while supporting real-time personalization and commerce.

Building the next generation of in-venue experiences – digital menu boards, self-service kiosks and endless aisle applications – will require a complex integration of business, design and technology expertise to be fully realized. Strengthened by our digital signage product, Premise, our modern digitally native methodology is built for just these kinds of challenges.


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Our Partnerships

Publicis Sapient Delivers Data-Driven Signage on BrightSign Media Players with “Premise”

Publicis Sapient Delivers Data-Driven Signage on BrightSign Media Players with “Premise”


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