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Rapid Commerce in Travel

Publicis Sapient’s cloud-native accelerator allows travel & hospitality businesses to launch and fine-tune sales platforms quickly and easily.

Rapid commerce in travel

Travel companies are dealing with all sorts of issues stemming from COVID-19. By expanding their portfolios from travel services to marketplace products, these companies can maintain and even thrive during hard times.

In the world of hospitality, many businesses rely on common solutions with well-known restraints to sell products, experiences and services. Without adaptive architectures to easily onboard external partners, these solutions require constant attention from IT teams to respond to business and customer needs.

Publicis Sapient developed a marketplace accelerator, Rapid Commerce, to give hotels, casinos, retailers and other businesses catering to travelers a new level of agility and responsiveness. In essence, this accelerator leverages microservices to combine related services and products onto a singular platform so businesses can tweak and publish specific components of a platform without disrupting the whole.

Rapid Commerce empowers travel & hospitality companies to engage with customers flexibly and fluently. Making changes to separate aspects of the customer experience are no longer arduous tasks. Modifications should be swift and effortless, so you can focus your energy on the customer journey and not creating custom integrations for each partner.

Rapid Commerce helps travel companies build robust marketplace platforms that drive value creation for their core product, as well as their customers and retail partners. Generating value for all three is the bullseye for any Rapid Commerce project.

Hospitality Firms

  • Expand the customer base and brand visibility
  • Build and expand new revenue streams
  • Maximize synergies in existing business model
  • Create a more sophisticated view of customers with richer spend data
  • Leverage and create new networks


  • Access more travel products on a singular platform
  • Redeem loyalty points
  • Enjoy higher quality offers
  • Save money with competitive and bundled pricing


  • Access a wider customer base
  • Build new collaboration models
  • Improve cash flow with digital payments
  • Increase revenue by optimizing use of assets


Marketplace Platforms

MarketPlace Platforms

Learn more about how Rapid Commerce enables superior experiences on our solutions page.

Marketplace Architecture Should Complement the Core Booking System

Quote By Sameer Bajaj

Rapid Commerce can create a marketplace architecture that connects data and services across channels. The capabilities to accomplish this can be divided into three distinct categories:

Partner Enablement

Partner ecosystem to bring values under one umbrella and success to our clients. Aimed at generating value for the partners. Two key focus areas are product information management & marketplace administration.

Partner Enablement
Foundational Platform Services

Foundational Platform Services

Build foundational digital capabilities as independent, deployable and scalable modules exposed as services. Enable digital teams to roll out applications in an agile way using these services and app container. Aimed at creating capability to support value creation for partners & travelers.

Traveler Experience Enablement

Includes all front-end services of the “Universal Digital” Commerce ecosystem – responsive website, services powering chatbots, hybrid native applications, social commerce plugins, etc.

Traveler Experience Enablement


Rapid Commerce is enabled for the cloud on Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Easily customizable, the accelerator comes with pre-built development and IT operations pipelines and project images, as well as domain-based microservices.

The ease with which this accelerator integrates into existing solution stacks and technology architectures means that companies can move forward with their digital transformation blueprint quickly and easily.

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