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CEmX (Customer and Employee Experience) Platform Design

Customer and Employee Experience Platform Design rapidly transforms enterprises through design-thinking, process labs and proof of concept.

52% of c-suite members believe their corporate technology is working effectively for their customers and their employees. Yet, only 32% of employees say the same.

Where is the disconnect?

Every customer experience is intertwined with an employee experience; through the interactions, platforms and processes they share. When enterprises view these customer and employee experiences in isolation, a lack of synergy leads to an overgrown mix of underutilized technology.

“Companies are using decades of tools, processes and systems built on each other without ever standing back to reimagine what the customer and employee experience could look like.”
Garry Moore, Director of customer experience and innovation, Publicis Sapient

Publicis Sapient created a CEmX solution that modernizes customer and employee experiences in tandem, enabling enterprises to share and activate digital capabilities.

Our solution addresses five major obstacles to employee and customer experience transformation:

  • Legacy systems: Generally, outdated technology has limited functionality and performance gaps or lacks flexibility, extensibility and scalability.
  • Right systems, wrong setup: The required functionality exists or could be reasonably added, but the data and configurations need to be updated.
  • Data gaps: The data required to drive experiences is incorrect, incomplete, outdated, not captured or not available in a timely fashion.
  • Business capability: Talent capabilities and related business processes required to strategize, design, implement and measure employee and customer experiences are nonexistent, immature or incomplete.
  • Employee and customer experience vision: The business vision is not enabled by a deep understanding of the customer and employee journey. 

To overcome these obstacles, Publicis Sapient helps organizations define and enable a future-state vision of employee and customer experience.

  • Venn diagram that shows CEmX at the intersection of customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX).

Our approach to CEmX consists of four stages:

xLab (Experience Lab)

A lab that ensures the investment will deliver high value to people and to the business.

This outcome-driven half-day collaboration session kickstarts transformation by defining a vision based on customer and employee needs, behaviors and patterns.

Vision & Proposal

A proposal that allows our clients to get to know how we work and the value we can provide.

This summary of the completed vision and opportunity work includes key challenges and opportunities, use cases and success criteria with a proposal for proof of concept.

CEmX PoC-Based Discovery

An actionable plan that will validate our proposal to solve customer and employee experience problems.

This 8-12 week definition, experience and solution design effort results in a comprehensive backlog to deliver a validated concept design and a functional proof of concept.

Build & Scale

Agile delivery of an MVP foundational platform that follows our Publicis Sapient SPEED framework.

In this phase, we build and launch a foundational platform, followed by incremental feature releases using scaled agile development methodology, applying learnings to refine the platform and product backlog.

  •  A diagram that breaks down Publicis Sapient's CEmX Solution from the shape and incubate stage to the build and scale stage.

Your customers’ experience is defined by your employees’ experience. Publicis Sapient can create new employee and customer experience platforms within 8 to 12 weeks.

Garry Moore
Garry Moore
Director of customer experience and innovation