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Quick Service Restaurant

How A Global Restaurant Chain Maximized Customer Engagement

Leveraging the full suite of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Through an existing relationship with Leo Burnett, a leading quick service restaurant (QSR) expanded their partnership with Publicis Groupe, leveraging Publicis Sapient, Epsilon and Hawkeye, to create a personalized customer-centric experience across more than 1,500 global locations, delivering a holistic digital business transformation.


The Imperative for Change

Our client, one of the fastest-growing QSRs, was determined to join the elite as a top 10 restaurant chain globally. However, their disjointed legacy systems and data streams were holding them back. To take their place at the table, our client needed a robust, customer-centric platform that could create personalized connections for customers and increase negotiating power with partner providers.

The Transformative Solution

Our recipe for success included:

  • Managing customer interactions across email and all digital properties by connecting Epsilon ID to a new Salesforce CDP and optimizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Driving real-time personalization through Marketing Cloud Personalization (Interaction Studio)
  • Enhancing analytics across all properties using Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama)

Now, our client is enabled to serve up hyper-personalized marketing campaigns for improved effectiveness, meaningful engagements and higher interactions – all driving to a value analysis for potential revenue uplift. 

The Business Impact

Moving forward, our solution will be the core enabler for our client’s new platform business model. They will benefit from fundamental shifts in each of their business functions, including data analytics, marketing, customer service, product innovation, and supply chain. By working cross-functionally within Publicis Groupe, we were able to deliver a comprehensive solution that went above and beyond. Check out the results so far:

potential revenue uplift over three years
Enhanced Customer
profiles and unified IDs
Real-time Insights
to anticipate supply-demand across regions and launch new products
Unique Customer
experiences and offerings
Mohammed F. Hasan
Mohammed F. Hasan
Travel & Hospitality Lead, Salesforce Practice