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Generative AI: Using artificial intelligence to make human impact.Learn how

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What you need to know about transforming for a digital world.

  • A Composable Approach to Technology Modernization

    Five ways consumer products brands can address key industry challenges through a modular, composable technology architecture.


  • Drinking Up in 2024: Top Trends Shaping the Beverage Industry

    From generative AI, to health and wellness drinks, to consumer sustainability preferences, these are the top trends shaping the beverage industry in 2024.


  • Rethinking Your Skincare Routine? Top 5 Trends Shaping the Beauty Industry

    This is your roadmap to navigating the exciting, yet complex, terrain of 2024 beauty. Don't just react to trends—anticipate them, adapt strategically and emerge as a leader.


  • 3 Steps to Value Chain Modernization Success

    How prioritizing a resilient value chain can enable energy companies to successfully capitalize on emerging opportunities.


  • How RWE Generation IT Embraced Agile Transformation

    Experience RWE Generation IT’s agile transformation, reshaping digital operations in the energy industry.


  • Unlocking Revenue with Retail Media Networks

    How can convenience stores monetize customer data for unparalleled customer experiences and a high ROI?


  • How Generative AI Can Be a Strategic Co-Pilot

    Generative AI enables companies to unlock their full potential by empowering decision-making and fueling creativity for business transformation.


  • Top 5 Ways to Protect and Secure Data in the Age of AI

    In the age of AI, data security isn't just a priority—it's a necessity. Stay ahead of the curve and safeguard your organization's most valuable asset.


  • Proactive banking: How younger customers expect banks to tackle financial stress

    Banks must leverage readily accessible data to identify and support customers experiencing financial stress.


  • Healthcare organizations must scale the work of startups and enable themselves to be the source of innovation.

    Healthcare services must be reimagined and redesigned so that they intuitively become part of a vastly improved U.S. healthcare system.


  • Platforms and the Coming of Age: How to Develop the Next Generation of Platforms

    Healthcare organizations are increasing their focus on improving patient and member experiences in order to make sense of platform complexity.


  • Reimagining Healthcare Experiences with Generative AI

    Learn how artificial intelligence can elevate patient interactions and automate processes within provider, payer and pharmaceutical organizations.


  • Placing the Citizen at the Heart of Digitizing the Public Sector is a Win for Every Government Service

    Customer experience is at the top of the agenda for public sector agencies. The opportunity for radical improvement extends to almost every service that governments deliver. We identify three issues that public sector transformation efforts can address to keep citizens and their voices at the heart of digital experience.


  • Revealing Australia’s Demand for Digital Services

    Our Digital Citizen Report involved one of Australia’s largest private surveys on digital government services. This page reveals our findings and explores the opportunities for digital transformation based on citizen responses and the issues that matter to them.


  • The Ultimate Maintenance Co-Pilot for Upstream Operators

    How can upstream oil and gas organizations revolutionize data analytics? By using generative AI as a maintenance co-pilot.


  • Pandora’s Data-Driven Digital Transformation

    How Pandora harnessed the power of digital to create a foundation for unified commerce and profitable growth.


  • How Sonepar Powered Digital Transformation and Innovation

    We joined forces to create a centralized digital organization that improves customer and employee experience at scale.


  • 8 Trends Accelerating the Future of E-commerce in 2024

    Which trends really matter? Our industry experts highlight the shifts that every retailer needs to know.


  • Salesforce Experience Design Playbook

    Download our playbook today for access to a virtual or in-person discovery workshop, customizable platform blueprint and scalable Salesforce optimizations.


  • How to Develop the Muscle of Continuous Change

    The secret to business longevity is being able to change at pace with the world. Find out how becoming digital at the core gives that to you.


  • Payment Tech Companies Must Prioritize Three Trends Shaping the Payment Tech Landscape

    Payment tech companies must position themselves ahead of the curve to maximize the potential of future shifts in the payments industry.


  • Join Up and Plug in Now to the EV Market

    For EVs to become more attractive to a mainstream audience, OEMs, energy utilities and third parties must re-think how they work, collaborate and operate. We’ve identified three key ways the sector can come together and remain competitive for all stakeholders.


  • A Power Play for Electric Vehicles

    Amid intense competition and regulatory changes around fuel efficiency, could EVs offer utility companies a potential lifeline? Let’s look at how OEMs and energy providers can drive customer value by collaborating to develop public power infrastructure with enhanced data-collecting capabilities.


  • Marriott Transforms Vacation Home Search with Generative AI

    Travellers describe their dream getaway, and the flexible search tool finds matching destinations and rentals.


  • How Can Generative AI Improve the Guest Experience?

    Our experts break down the top guest experience use cases for generative artificial intelligence tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the large language model interface that can generate code, video and conversations.


  • How to Develop the Muscle of Continuous Change

    The secret to business longevity is being able to change at pace with the world. Find out how becoming digital at the core gives that to you.


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