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Engineering & Cloud Transformation

Engineering Technology to Address Today’s Challenges and Create Value

Technology as a response to disruption

Today’s enterprises are operating in an increasingly complex environment, making it critical for them to be innovative and agile. A new breed of competitor—the digital natives—are bringing rapid disruption. Customer expectations are rising by the day (if not the hour and minute). Structural and regulatory changes abound, and cost pressure is increasing from all sides.

All of these forces are pressing on the CXO agenda—as a result the pace of change in the enterprise is accelerating. Engineering and cloud transformation are about using technology to respond to all of today’s challenges and capitalize on tomorrow’s expanding business opportunities. Old ways of working simply won’t address changing customer expectations.

Why Engineering & Cloud Transformation?

Reorient your business through technology

Engineering & Cloud Transformation is about using technology to meet today’s and tomorrow’s expanding business opportunities—and enabling the organization to adjust to the rapid pace of change.  It is also about adopting an engineering mindset.  Without this mindset, enterprises will struggle to think and respond to the disruption wrought by digital natives.  Applied correctly, engineering and cloud transformation can improve speed-to-market, productivity, quality and employee satisfaction.

Change how you engineer technology

Think like a digital native.  Change and challenge established behaviors. Work in smaller multi-disciplinary teams and leverage experts. Go from idea to production, from concept to customer, as fast as possible by continually releasing, testing, learning and improving.  In short, adopt an engineering mindset.

At Publicis Sapient, an engineering mindset is developed through a holistic program applying the principles of Lean, DevOps and Agile and the cloud to fundamentally transform engineering organizations. We help organizations assess their full engineering landscape and maturity, identify areas generating waste and prioritize opportunities based on the value that they will deliver.

Scale enabling technology

Now you understand and are oriented around your customer.  You are thinking like digital natives and applying an engineering mindset—next you need to scale enterprise enablers. Cloud migration coupled with Data and AI are key enablers like no other.  A single version of the truth, accessible by all teams at all times, will take you to the next level in terms of speed and agility.  Building on that single source of data, Artificial Intelligence allows for automated decision making (as well as automated build, test, release), enabling you to be 24/7 just like your customers.

Engineering & Cloud Transformation is a holistic program applying principles of Lean, DevOps and Agile to fundamentally transform engineering organizations.

  • Organizational Design

    With a fast pace of change, it is important that the organization adjusts to support through engineering governance, adopting a value-driven approach and becoming product-aligned

    Engineering & Cloud

    This is the core of the work where teams apply interventions that span across application migration, DevOps, application architecture, and quality engineering.

    Product & Process

    This plays a role in ensuring that a data-driven culture is adopted measuring not only internal but external outcome-focused metrics. it allows organizations to adopt agile ways of working. Product management keeps customer needs at the heart of everything.

    Communication, Culture & Capability

    This ensures the waves of change are sustainable by the organization. These activities are also essential to create a pull for organic growth.

Unique Approach

What we bring

Colorful spiral
Colorful spiral
Colorful spiral

Here at Publicis Sapient, we have extensive experience partnering with enterprises to introduce transformation at scale and a wealth of knowledge, tools and reusable assets that accelerate the pace of transformation. We provide:

  • A proven set of interventions for engineering improvements
  • A bank of reusable assets (accelerators) that increase the pace and adoption of improvements accessed through the Iris platform
  • A data-driven approach focused on metrics and their measurement to provide visibility of the benefits and ROI
  • Deep expertise in execution and working hand-in-hand with the system teams
  • A holistic approach that addresses the aspects of culture, capability and communication to ease change management and ensure success

Our proven Engineering & Cloud Transformation approach can create significant value for a large organization while improving the speed and quality of engineering delivery.

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