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Smart Destinations

Anticipate your customer’s every need

Sooho Choi
Sooho Choi
Nick Shay
Nick Shay

As technology gets smarter, so do our destinations. Guests, tourists and residents alike are now seeking innovative services that connect seamlessly to existing and emerging infrastructure. And with a transformative approach to customer data, we can now achieve the level of bespoke automation needed to monetize each visit and foster lasting loyalty.

Explore the many ways smart companies are embedding themselves into smart destinations. Together, we can turn every touchpoint along an individual’s journey into a brand-building opportunity. And with each authentically curated customer experience, it’ll become that much harder for them to forget you.


Four pillars for optimizing the smart destination customer experience:

  • Technology

    Transformational progress comes from integrated problem solving and ideation, with technology, experience and data all working side by side. To establish core service superiority, brands need to relentlessly pursue continuous improvement.

    Data-Driven Experience

    With a data-driven approach to curated services, companies can build an inherently authentic and enriching customer experience—maximizing each moment with a memorable and personal touch.


    Putting sustainability at the heart of how we work ensures every decision we make takes natural resources and ecological balance into account. The smartest destinations are those that will endure.

    Customer Obsession

    Staying competitive requires steadfast dedication to what matters most: driving engagement and loyalty in your customers. That’s why we’ve created a platform that supports innovative, emotional customer journeys built to surprise and delight.

Our vision

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How a customer-first approach to technology and data will democratize state-of-the-art luxury.

stay smart

Stay smart

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Sooho Choi
Sooho Choi
Global Travel & Hospitality Lead
Nick Shay
Nick Shay
Travel & Hospitality Lead

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