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Dining & QSR Value Accelerator

Publicis Sapient’s cloud-native value accelerator helps the dining industry reimagine digital customer and employee experiences, create new platforms and apps, grow consumer loyalty—and generate improved revenues.

With the restaurant sector facing rising costs and shifting customer preferences, our Dining & QSR Value Accelerator is a data-driven digital transformation platform focused on two tools—a digital experience platform based on a modern tech stack, and data-driven personalization fueled by a real-time CDP—designed to help you respond efficiently and profitably with the customer as your priority.

The accelerator allows F&B brands to hit the ground running, generate value quickly, capture quick ROI and reduce risk.

Our Dining & QSR Value Accelerator Provides:

Seamless Personalization: Drive conversion and loyalty, fast and in real-time

Optimized Customer Journeys: Quickly switch to data-driven use cases as needed

Customization: Create your own unique features, e.g. subscription-based loyalty, on-premises order check-in and more

Flexibility and Control: Configurable product features cater to specific customers and journeys

Operational Efficiency: Reduce deployment time with a fully integrated digital platform featuring content management capabilities

Transparent Costs: Lower the total cost of ownership

We use the latest and most innovative technologies to enable better dining experiences for your customers.

  • Headless front end using React & Node JS on AWS

    Headless Content & Experience Management

    Performant backend using GraphQL & microservices

  • API-based CDP for audience segmentation

     Personalization using Target, Analytics & Real-time CDP

    Search using Cloud-based Elasticsearch

Customer Impact

The value accelerator is designed to deliver competitive advantage, increase customer loyalty and raise market share. And that’s not all:

1. Wow the Target Audience
At 65 percent, millennials make up the biggest demographic of delivery service users. 43 percent of millennials and 50 percent of Gen Z are more likely to choose a restaurant that provides online ordering than those that don’t. With increased spending power, these young diners are attuned to technology and driven by an engaging online presence.

2. Analyze Menu Experimentation
An efficient online ordering system helps restaurants quickly and easily test changes in the menu, allowing for experimentation prior to a full rollout; this permits the continual testing of customer responses to offers, meaning marketing strategies can be adjusted accordingly.

The impact and value of the accelerator is enabled via functionalities such as:

  • Restaurant locators
  • Dayparting and location-based product menus
  • Catering menus
  • Product details and customizations
  • Persistent Cart
  • Checkouts featuring industry standard payment methods
  • Loyalty account sign-up/logins
  • Account management
  • Subscription/Loyalty service
  • Personalized content


The Cost Benefits

The value accelerator not only radically changes what’s possible for your business, but enables greater value and cost savings almost immediately upon deployment:

What Does the Package Include?


  • A fully fledged product backlog of 19 epics and around 85 stories

  • White label UX design aligned with the product backlog

  • Architecture blueprints for integrating the experience platform with a CDP solution


  • Over 29 templates and 80 fully engineered experience components based on the product backlog in line with the white label design

  • GraphQL & microservice layers with over 40 APIs integrated with FE and adapter logic to connect with existing customer enterprise backend APIs

  • Cloud-based terraform scripts for cloud environment setup and teardown

  • Gitlab-based DevOps automation pipeline


Get in Touch

Ready to talk about what our value accelerator could do for your business?

You’re in the right place.

Reach out to us to:

  • Schedule a demo
  • Bring us in as an SME to review your existing architecture and provide recommendations
  • Help with solution evaluation for experience or CDP platforms
  • Integrate your existing experience platform with a CDP solution
Kent Asaki
Kent Asaki
Dining Industry Lead
Ninad Patil
Ninad Patil
VP Technology. Delivery,Engineering