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Telecommunications, Media & Tech Consulting

Improve loyalty and remove obstacles with seamless digital solutions

Seize the Space in Telecommunications, Media & Technology

The industry currently faces a multitude of pressures—from 5G and mergers to big data, customer churn and more. To achieve stronger online and offline engagement, companies must strengthen their brands and uncover new sources of revenue. Those who evolve into innovative platforms and build agility into their culture will deliver data-informed experiences tailored to the unique needs of their customers.

Sectors We Serve

  • Telecommunications

    Seize new opportunities as business models evolve, creating digital experiences that align seamlessly with the latest devices and connectivity trends. 

  • Media

    Implement agile, consumer-first digital strategy that helps you react and respond to your audience’s changing content consumption habits.

  • Consumer Tech

    Cut through the noise and stand out amongst your competitors with innovative, insight-led data strategy fueled by AI and other emerging technologies.

  • Payments Tech

    Future-proof your tech stack as customer preferences and economic pressures drive demand for digitized, retail-style business transactions.

  • Logistics

    Rise to today’s most critical supply chain management, mail and shipping challenges with intelligent, adaptable digital solutions and data-informed strategy.

Core Telecommunications, Media & Tech Issues

People-first experiences harness the power of digital to solve consumer challenges in every facet of the Telco, Media & Tech industry. Learn how Publicis Sapient can address your most pressing issues—from customer engagement, retention, and revenue-per-user to digital CX, new revenue streams and more.

Increasing customer lifetime value is the key to profitability for today’s most competitive organizations. In fact, it often costs more to acquire new customers than to boost loyalty in current users. With innovative digital solutions and insightful data strategies, you can create seamless experiences that will become the reason people choose your brand every day. Learn more in our Churn & Loyalty Hub.

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Today’s consumer touchpoints are dispersed across devices, streaming platforms, in-store interactions, and more. The most memorable brands will be the ones who provide their consumers with the most opportunities to purchase as possible. Digital transformation is the key to achieving omnichannel brand awareness and product visibility as your audience engages across various networks of products and services.

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Traditional telecom strategies are no longer yielding the same strong results they did in decades past. Simply driving prospective customers toward web and in-store sales by increasing ad spend is no longer a scalable tactic. Today, it’s all about increasing the number of customer touchpoints and giving people a magical reason to stay with your brand over time. Through the lens of Telco-as-a-Service, organizations will find that magical reason is digital.

Brands with smaller carbon footprints will continue to make the biggest impact as they find new revenue streams stemming from their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives. Infuse digital optimization into Tech-as-a-Service, subscription offerings, and more emerging business models to delight consumers who value and support sustainable brands.

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Churn & Loyalty Hub

Attracting and Retaining a Loyal Telco Audience

Find out how digital technology enables data-driven, loyalty-boosting enhancements within the Telecommunications industry.

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Our Offerings — A Better How

Discover new ways to connect, create efficiency and grow your top line with proven solutions like CDPs, data monetization and digital identity.

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Deliver exceptional digital commerce experiences through omnichannel commerce, digital sales and order management.

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Modernize your IT systems with solutions that include software delivery, digital engineering and cloud infrastructure and strategy.

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Transform the way your brand and your customers interact with exceptional customer, employee and partner-centered offerings and services. 

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Build the type of momentum that only comes with scalable optimization strategies, cross-channel communication and value-generating data visibility.

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Raj Shah
Telecommunications, Media & Technology Lead, North America
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Guy Elliott
Telecommunications, Media & Technology Lead, International

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