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Grocery Transformation

In the Market for Transformation

Grocery e-commerce sales grew 30% globally in 2020—and shopper expectations seem to have risen just as much. From always-on mobile and web experiences to seamless in-store integration, their demands force grocery retailers to look at customer experience, supply chain, data and more to stay ahead of a transformation curve that was already accelerated by the pandemic. The good news? When done right, these changes create a continuous loop of operational efficiencies and customer loyalty that increase in value over time.

Sudip Mazumder
Sudip Mazumder
Guy Elliott
Guy Elliott
Video: Frictionless Grocery

Journey through our prototype of a seamless online and in-store customer experience.

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A grocery shopper’s journey: opportunities to differentiate


Store Experience

Grocery Store of the Future

Explore the digital in-store features that seamlessly connect across touchpoints, delighting your shoppers and driving growth.


Grocery Insights

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grocery solutions

Grocery Store Solutions

Publicis Sapient can assess your experiences with the shopper in mind and build high-impact solutions to solve their grocery expectations, such as:

• Retail Media Networks
• Engineering Transformation
• Supply Chain Control Tower
• Promise to Delivery
• LEAD Audit
• Digital Transformation Index
• POS Modernization
• Curbside
• Data monetization
• Loyalty

“Effectively scaling grocery e-commerce capabilities will rely on a combination of non-invasive and disruptive tactics to mitigate short-term, medium-term and long-term impact.”
Sudip Mazumder
Sudip Mazumder, Industry Lead, Retail North America
Sudip Mazumder
Sudip Mazumder
Industry Lead, Retail North America
Guy Elliott
Guy Elliott
Consumer Products Lead