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Omnichannel Pharmacy Experience

For pharmacy, grocery and hybrid retailers; create a unified Rx customer experience across all digital and mobile channels.

Are your prescription abandonment rates on the rise? Do your pharmacy customers encounter a disjointed experience? Are your data sources and systems disconnected? 

Whether your retail customer’s interaction point is online, in-store, mobile or through mail order, their pharmacy experience should be seamless.

What is the omnichannel pharmacy experience solution?

The omnichannel pharmacy experience is a solution for retailers that connects back-end core pharmacy functions, like vaccination scheduling and Rx pickup, into one unified and intuitive omnichannel user experience.

This graphic illustrates the customer experience functions of the omnichannel pharmacy solution, including requesting curbside pickup, opting into text reminders and filling pet prescriptions.

Enabling a simple interface layer for complex internal systems and data stores allows your pharmacy capabilities to become accessible anywhere and personal to each individual customer through a centralized customer profile. With one click, they can order refills and manage their prescriptions with ease. 


This solution allows retailers to upgrade and future-proof their online pharmacy business through digital transformation, evolving to keep up with changes in customer healthcare needs:

  • Before

    Customers’ Rx journeys are disjointed, generic and not informed by customer data.


    Customers’ journeys are personalized based on data from a centralized customer profile.


    Customers can’t easily access all pharmacy functions through their preferred digital channels.


    Customers enjoy omnichannel pharmacy capabilities, from prescription management to householding to pet care.

  • Before

    Customers rarely interact with pharmacy marketing and are prone to switching retailers.


    Retailers gain monetization opportunities from pinpointed advertising, offers and data capture.


    Customers miss appointments or forget to refill and pick up prescriptions, due to a lack of retailer engagement.


    Customers get proactive engagement that drives them to the most profitable channels while optimizing costs and increasing loyalty.

With an omnichannel pharmacy experience, customers can easily carry out any of their pharmacy tasks through the grocery app, online website, over the phone or in person.

This chart illustrates the technology back-end of the omnichannel pharmacy solution, including the pharmacy platform, data storage and integration layer.

The solution layer integrates with core digital pharmacy functions to enable a nimble, yet resilient technical architecture.

The solution impact

This solution is designed to deliver increased customer and internal associate satisfaction and stronger business results.

Publicis Sapient: Your Omnichannel Partner

Publicis Sapient has built health and pharmacy ecosystems for several of the largest pharmaceutical companies and grocery chains in North America, utilizing our proprietary SPEED framework.

Our expert team understands the unique challenges associated with the retail pharmacy domain and brings a ready-made approach to omnichannel pharmacy platform implementation.

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Contact us to get an assessment to see where your gaps are, and understand how you can balance your digital pharmacy investment against customer demand in a rapidly evolving market and highly regulatory environment.

Scarlett Lok
Scarlett Lok
Executive Client Partner
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Jeff Rotz
Retail Health & Wellness Lead, North America
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Srikanth Melkote Sampath
Vice President of Agile Program Management

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