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Retailers have a unique and timely opportunity to enter the Health & Wellness market, bolstered by increased acceptance of digital and decentralized health services and the blurring of lines between health and wellness.

The challenge? Shoppers experience healthcare holistically, including providers, pharmacies, devices, supplements and even food for themselves and their families. But grocers maintain silos between these offerings and related data, making it difficult, if not impossible, to create a unified journey that keeps up with the pace of customer and regulatory demands.

Learn about the solutions that will help grocers grow their impact on customers’ lives.

Unlocking Pharmacy, Health and Wellness: The Retailer’s Playbook


Three actionable ways to drive customer loyalty, patient engagement and profit through health and wellness offerings.

Where are you in the retail Health & Wellness journey?

Address your unique challenges and opportunity areas in the Health & Wellness sector.

Capturing the Health & Wellness opportunity

Discover practical approaches and real client results.

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Jeff Rotz
Jeff Rotz
Retail Health & Wellness Lead, North America