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Journey (Re)Invention

Journey (Re)invention is a mature, service design–led  approach to transforming customer or partner journeys. It provides a clear path to journey realization and identifies growth and cost-to-serve opportunities.

Nearly 90% of companies compete mostly on the basis of customer experience.​ But while 80% of companies think ​they deliver a superior customer experience, just 8% of customers agree. Customers are often forced to trudge through confusing steps with complicated interfaces to access the brands they love. Yet, they are still dependent on employees to fix their problems manually.

At the same time, non-optimal and often outdated tools, policies and systems make it very difficult for employees to actually serve these customers well.


“Most companies have been on a path of incremental improvement for many years, layering on new channels, capabilities and technologies with a focus on speed-to-market, which has created a patchwork of customer and employee experiences that aren’t really satisfying anyone.”

Jackie Walker , Retail Experience Strategy Lead

Publicis Sapient developed Journey (Re)invention to close the gap between what customers expect and what clients can deliver. This solution answers two essential questions:

What is the ideal customer experience?

What is the simplest, most effective way to deliver the value proposition to customers?

To answer these questions, Publicis Sapient facilitates  a fact-based collection and an assessment  of current state opportunities within clients’ customer or partner journeys. This current state picture is then transformed into a future state, leveraging design thinking and best practices to reimagine how end users are served.

This process uncovers new ways to meet customer needs by reimagining the holistic experience along with the processes, systems and tools that will efficiently and effectively deliver it, generating a mixed backlog to facilitate transformation.

The components of frontstage experiences and backstage organization and operations are all underpinned by service design.

“We maximize the value delivered by putting the frontstage and backstage in context of each other with one mindset—reducing complexity both in what the customer sees, and in the process, policies, systems and tools that allow employees to better serve customer needs.”

Jackie Walker , Retail Experience Strategy Lead

Our approach to Journey (Re)invention consists of four building blocks:

1)  Deep human insight

Co-creation through segments, journeys and primary research of customers and employees drive future business strategy, culture and operating models.

2)  North Star vision

The definition of an ideal future state in tangible form, which illustrates the radical transformation of the customer and employee value proposition.

3)  Frontstage-to-backstage transformation

More than a vision of the future customer experience, but a reengineering of employee process, policies, technology and data, which enables the value proposition.

4)  Agile delivery

The delivery of a mixed backlog of transformation—epics that address change to both software and the business—tied to product or journey teams enabled by agile process and tools.

Our unique process translates customer experience value pools into a mixed backlog that sets clients’ agile design and engineering teams up for success:

Step one: opportunity

Identify Opportunities


Step two: vision

Develop the Vision


Step three: roadmap

Prioritize & Roadmap


Step four: build and iterate

Design & Develop


What customers and partners consider a best-in-class experience today will be outdated tomorrow. Publicis Sapient reinvents customer and partner journeys within 6 to 12 weeks, ensuring that companies can advance scalable digital transformation quickly and easily.

Retail Journey Reinvention

Our auditing framework can identify the biggest opportunities for growth in your physical-digital retail ecosystem.
Sara Alloy
Sara Alloy
Retail Experience Lead, NA
Jackie Walker
Jackie Walker
Senior Director, CX&I