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Engineering Transformation

Engineering Transformation is a holistic program that modernizes information technology (IT) to prepare companies for comprehensive digital business transformation (DBT).

Engineering Transformation

IT organizations cannot deliver on the promise of large-scale DBT initiatives if they are not agile and efficient themselves. That’s why Publicis Sapient offers a framework to improve the speed, quality and value of a company’s engineering.

“Modernization is the absolute, required table stakes to successfully execute transformation. It needs to be done not to solve a specific problem but overall to create a resilient organization that has sustainable innovation,” said Jason Steiner, senior vice president of strategy and consulting for Publicis Sapient. “The primary reason digital business transformations are failing is due to widespread immaturity across the IT organizations.  IT organizations must modernize now, and continuously, to deliver measurable business value in the digital world.  IT modernization is ultimately a pathway to successful digital business transformation.”

Engineering Transformation is a pathway to resilience. Digitally modernized companies can respond to crisis more effectively not because they placed the right bets or made the right decisions years ago, but because they were constructed to thrive in changing environments. They are primed to seize the opportunities available during good and bad times. 

Engineering solutions

Cutting waste reduces the effort to make changes by 10 to 20 percent. Increasing speed to market reduces the time from backlog to production by 20 to 30 percent. Improved quality reduces the number of defects after changes are deployed by 30 percent. 

In addition to enhancing speed, quality and value, our program cuts costs with balanced investments, sustains innovation at scale, teaches engineers additional skills and retains key talent.

Engineering Transformation delivers maturity across four strategic enablers: modern technologies, modern ways of working, culture and organization. It accomplishes this through four proven methods:

Value-focused analysis – Analyze end-to-end value streams to identify necessary capabilities and waste:

  • Select the right modern technologies and techniques to maximize speed-to-value
  • Take a comprehensive look at frontstage and backstage value

Value and maturity measurement – Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure speed, quality and cost reduction:

  • Automate tracking and visualization of KPIs
  • See your engineering-maturity progress over time

Prioritization with intent – Rank transformation projects based on three factors:

  • Viability: How much does it cost?
  • Desirability: What are the estimated benefits?
  • Feasibility: Is the organization ready for this change?

Intervention – Drive transformational change:

  • Identify waste and make improvements with more than 50 interventions
  • Use accelerators to increase speed and success

    Our program fundamentally changes engineering organizations. We restructure the organization’s design so that it’s product-aligned and value-driven. We apply interventions in engineering and cloud that address software development and IT – as well as application migration and architecture. We measure internal and external outcome-focused metrics. We remove siloes and foster a community of modernization so the changes endure and evolve.

    Engineering Transformation is appropriate for organizations that have not started but would like to, have started but are ready to measure and optimize or have had success but need to scale and sustain.


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