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Leading U.S. Grocery Chain

How One Grocer Improved the Health of Millions of Americans

Connecting systems and experiences for healthier lives and a healthier business.

Facing urgent and overwhelming customer needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, one major grocery chain embarked on a significant digital transformation journey, pivoting quickly to schedule and deliver life-saving vaccinations. We worked together to offer care and compliance, including personalized patient outreach, to enable wider access to the vaccines, medicine and nutrition needed for healthy living.

The Imperative for Change

A major grocery chain faced several challenges enabling their business and empowering customers to manage their health and wellness. The company’s customer-facing enterprise technology platform was composed of disparate off-the-shelf products, resulting in a fractured digital experience and slow, cumbersome updates. Critically, it could not meet the volume of customer needs while connecting to the required internal, insurance and government systems—right when customers and partners needed more support and care than ever.

The Transformative Solution

To give millions of customers better control of their health and wellness needs, we developed a seamless, centralized journey that integrates desktop, mobile and in-store, grocery and pharmacy.

The scalable platform personalizes and automates vaccination, appointment, prescription management and nutrition journeys—including payment and delivery—for individuals, families and even pets. The entire platform is accessible, localized, secure and HIPAA-compliant, and all relevant billing and transmission data is easily shareable with insurance providers, the CDC and other pertinent agencies to support the business, the customer and public health.

To ensure our client had the best tools for their unique needs, we integrated tech partners and tools such as:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft D365
  • Kafka messaging layer
  • Microservices

The Impact

This work had a very real impact on the health of millions of Americans, ensuring they had timely access to vaccinations, medicines and nutritional needs to help them live healthier lives.

Reducing manual work for pharmacists also freed up time and attention to devote to their customers.

By fully in-sourcing the pharmacy business and operations processes via a responsive, multichannel Cloud-based experience, we not only saved costs, but we also helped this grocer build trust and loyalty in both their pharmacy and their “front of house,” producing valuable data and a lasting halo effect.

vaccination requests serviced
50% reduction
in manual work
75% reduction
in prescription abandonment
Sudip Mazumder
Sudip Mazumder
Senior Vice President
Guy Elliott
Guy Elliott
Executive Vice President