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Retail Media Networks

Monetize your valuable data and e-commerce space.

Retail Media Networks (RMN) continue to be a hot topic for good reason: not only are they in higher demand than ever now that the cookieless future is upon us; they also enable retailers to offset lower e-commerce profits as customers continue to choose digital.

It’s an opportunity to attract high-margin, non-linear media dollars while building your brand reputation through advanced personalization, intelligent offers and a sought-after shopping destination.

Retail Media Networks, Explained

Generate Revenue and Delight

What does cabbage have to do with monetizing your data through a retail media network? Click play to find out.

Rapid, recurring growth

Retail Media Networks recoup ROI quickly and represent a huge revenue opportunity—to the tune of $1 billion for one of our large grocery clients. We estimate that a retailer with $10B in revenue will bring in an additional $100M annually with an RMN.

Because a successful RMN solution requires removing data siloes, creating a 360° customer view and orchestrating integrated campaigns, it generates positive impact across the enterprise, as well.

Unfortunately, as more retailers offer their first-party data to partners and suppliers, it becomes less valuable—so the time to act is now.

The impact of an RMN

We partner with clients to capture goals, define a business case and map a long-term strategy that is unique to your business, your partners and your customers. Our test-and-learn approach is critical to integrating the RMN into your ways of working and quickly realizing value, through:

  • Pairing our strategy, operational models and engineering with the deep media and creative expertise of our Publicis sister agencies
  • Seamless integration across all of your tools and technology partners
  • A scalable go-to-market strategy
  • Plug-and-play working models for team staffing and operations
  • Adaptability as customer and regulatory demands change
  • Increasingly robust and valuable commercial intent data

The new walled garden

Retailers must protect their data for the sake of their customers and their business. But today’s walled garden welcomes vendors to pipe data (and demand) out to the open ecosystem and back. We work with partners to determine the optimal fit for your current ecosystem and your goals, then integrate them seamlessly into your operations.

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