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Leading U.S. Grocery Chain

How a Major Grocer Monetized Data to Grow Exponentially

Together we identified and implemented a $1B opportunity.

As part of our long-time relationship as a digital transformation partner to one of the largest food and drug retailers in the United States, we uncovered an opportunity to monetize their data through a retail media network that links to their e-commerce operations.

Our partners across Publicis Groupe ensured we brought broad and deep expertise to the innovation and implementation of this platform.

The Imperative for Change

As cookies crumble and privacy concerns grow, first-party data from this grocer’s many banners has become more valuable than ever. And with CPG digital ad spending set to eclipse traditional by 2023, we knew it was imperative for our partner to move into the retail media platform space before it becomes oversaturated. Moreover, a new non-linear revenue stream would offer consistently higher profits, even as overhead costs ebb and flow.

The Transformative Solution

We designed and built a custom omnichannel Retail Media Network that maps each customer’s individual journey.

To capture growing media revenue from CPGs, we closed the loop on reporting with a direct path to sales that other ad and content platforms simply cannot provide. The system is optimized to provide actionable insights in real time with unprecedented transparency.

Our sister agency Publicis Media unlocked unique perspectives on advertisers’ needs, while our deep relationships with Google Display Network and CitrusAd enabled our client to get up and running quickly with proven tools and processes.

Custom Retail Media Network

A custom Retail Media Network was designed to provide a closed-loop digital platform, with omni-channel execution; optimized to provide actionable insights in real-time and deliver transparency in measurement.

MLP Scope – System Mapping

The Business Impact

Although this bespoke solution is new to the grocer, it’s already making a noticeable impact through:

  • A connected network of partners and technologies
  • Nuanced insights that tech vendors alone cannot provide
  • A solid foundation for future data monetization efforts that scales as regulations and preferences change
  • A fundamental shift to the revenue model
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Darshit Rao
Darshit Rao
Senior Director, Engineering
Punita Tyagi
Punita Tyagi
Client Partner, NA Retail