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Insight Series: CDP Maturity Index

Unlocking Transformation: A CDP Innovator

Every business is at a different stage on its CDP journey, yet you’ll find that many businesses are uncertain of which stage they’re at and the steps needed to move to the next level. Before you and your organization embark on a transformative CDP strategy, it’s a good idea to fully understand your baseline to make educated and informed decisions to achieve your organizational goals. 

Nadine LeBlanc
Nadine LeBlanc
John Ayers
John Ayers

Based on your self-assessment score: you are a CDP Innovator.

Missed the self-assessment?

An Innovator is the fourth stage in the Customer Data Platform (CDP) journey. As a CDP Innovator, you have taken the next step to foster customer trust and mitigate risk while overseeing multi-function, enterprise-wide adoption of CDP. You have a track record of driving customer lifetime value optimization with data-driven initiatives, as well as proven real-time interaction management (RTIM) and CDP extension to ecosystem partners. CDP Innovators are viewed as thought leaders in this space and are a champion and/or key stakeholder in enterprise-wide initiatives.

Stage 4 Context for Success:

  • Top-tier market lead in your industry or disruptive innovator
  • Best in class in customer experience management
  • Culture/Commitment of innovation

Signs it’s Time to Move to Stage 5:

  • New business model(s) and/or organization at risk of disruption
  • Leadership committed to exploring future trends
  • Ready to take over your industry with best-in-class experiences

Read more about Stage 5: CDP Visionary.

Nadine LeBlanc
Nadine LeBlanc
Associate Director, Marketing Services Salesforce Practice
John Ayers
John Ayers
MarTech Strategy, Digital Business Transformation

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