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How One Gaming Retailer Leveled Up Its Omnichannel Gaming Ecosystem

In partnership with Publicis Sapient, one gaming retailer is transforming their digital strategy to meet the needs of the next generation.

It's a pivotal moment for our client. This gaming retailer has faced an uphill battle against digital disruptors and the evolving needs of consumers who are moving increasingly online. But with new leadership, renewed market interest and an ongoing partnership with Publicis Sapient that puts digital transformation first, the retailer is evolving from its brick-and-mortar roots into a true omnichannel retailer.

The Imperative for Change

Our client needed to reimagine their business to capture a new generation of gamers that demand connected experiences, convenient services, and different ways to buy, sell and play the games they love. To compete in a landscape now dominated by streaming platforms and social gaming, the company needed to expand into new categories, with products and services that provide value at every stage of a more complex customer journey.

The Transformative Solution

With an eye on the customer, we worked with our client to implement and/or outline a strategy to enable an omnichannel ecosystem meant to captivate the modern gamer and differentiate the brand in the market. Features include:

  • A peer-to-peer member marketplace, where gamers can purchase and trade titles at competitive prices
  • An all-access member community, with social events and exclusive content
  • An eSports platform for heightened competitive gaming experiences
  • Enhanced web and mobile experiences and elevated purchase/delivery options
  • A cloud PC hub, streamlining gaming and eliminating reliance on hardware
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The Business Impact

Releasing a suite of new services and an entire new ecosystem doesn't come without operational excellence. We were able to help our client realize their digital potential by shifting the organization towards customer-focused product development, with the years of expertise needed to upskill internal teams and enable the retailer to embrace ongoing transformation at scale.

Increase in YoY revenue
Increase in NPS score from mobile site redesign
Product releases in ~2 month span
Multi-million potential new revenue streams from expanded gaming ecosystem
Sudip Mazumder
Sudip Mazumder
Senior Vice President