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Deliver Messaging at Scale with WhatsApp & Salesforce

Publicis Sapient and Salesforce are partnering with Meta to deliver in-the-moment conversational experiences through WhatsApp Business Messaging, enhancing the customer journey with a persistent thread across the end-to-end experience. Capture each touch point and inform the next campaign to maximize your marketing investment and outperform legacy channels like email, web chat, phone, SMS, and non-Meta social media.

Splintered experiences directly impact your ability to get to know your customer. When a customer engages across multiple platforms and channels, identifying and targeting them becomes a greater challenge. But once you have systems in place to build a unified customer profile with rich data attributes, you can deliver relevant in-the-moment experiences.

Salesforce can support end-to-end customer experiences through seamless integration with WhatsApp as a persistent thread. This enables companies to provide a more personalized 1:1 experience to better serve their customers at every step of their journey and drive greater business outcomes.

  • Outcome Focused Approach

    • Increased 1P data collection
    • Improved customer acquisition
    • Informed customer retention
    • Seamless streamline sales


    • Drive media efficiency and optimize ad spend
    • Relevant NBO to customers in real-time
    • Conversational shopping experiences
    • Personalized support when needed

Organizations must have a business messaging strategy, and marketers have a responsibility to meet customer expectations. But how does this translate into real-world applications and increased ROI? 

If we start by looking at a running gear company, we first think about the various target audiences they want to reach. We know that their audience enjoys physical activity. However, to maximize return on ad spend, they need to target a specific audience where the activity of choice is running. More specifically, the company may want to target marathoners or elite runners looking to update their running shoes. With such a specific group, the company must ensure they are providing the most content to relevant drive engagement. By enabling the power of WhatsApp and Salesforce, they are able to offer a smoother customer journey, from personalized recommendations to in-the-moment customer support in a persistent thread. 

For the business, this mitigates risk, reduces churn, maximizes trust, and builds loyalty. At the same time, the customer is being responded to in an authentic manner in real-time, and the marketer is able to own the journey, deliver 1:1 engagement, manage retention, increase up-sell opportunities, and drive greater efficiency and effectiveness of campaign efforts.

Reduce friction and close gaps across the entire journey to deliver the conversational experience customers expect. Deliver relevant offers for your most valued customers in real time and provide personalized support when and where the customer needs it.

Value Alignment Lab: WhatsApp Accelerator

Value Alignment Labs are collaborative, in-person (or virtual) discovery workshops focused on rapidly delivering outcomes and value. We now offer a WhatsApp Business Messaging lab! Quickly discover how your business can drive better outcomes on a platform with 2B+ global users — schedule your Value Alignment Lab: WhatsApp Accelerator today.

    • 4-hour client workshop
    • 2-week turnaround for outcomes
    • 4-week integration
    • Next steps

Workshop Outcomes

Challenges & Opportunities

Evaluating key challenges and opportunities from business, technology, customer messaging, engagement and employee experience perspectives.

Experience Vision

Our Experience teams create a NorthStar journey. Developing consumer and employee experience, messaging vision, and success criteria.

Use Cases

Initial insights into potential use cases for optimal messaging and engagement opportunities needed to deliver quick wins.

Next Steps

Journeys & Solution Blueprint

Approach for mapping current and future consumer messaging and engagement as well as employee-driven processes and technology enabling it.

Prioritization & Road Map

We define a high-level plan for getting there. PS will share their POV on all key areas that will support the future roadmap.

Proof of Concept

Identifying quick wins and approach to developing the proof of concept. Fast Enabled real-time experiences through WhatsApp & Salesforce.

John Ayers
John Ayers
MarTech Strategy, Digital Business Transformation
Emely Patra
Emely Patra
Group Vice President and Head of Publicis Sapient Salesforce Practice in EMEA

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