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Pioneering the Confluence of Salesforce, AI and Digital Business Transformation

In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, businesses require a strategic partner who transcends the conventional. Our team of experts at Publicis Sapient emerge as that transformative collaborator, deeply versed in Salesforce, AI and Digital Business Transformation (DBT).

Industry Expertise

Diverse sectors, from Consumer Products and Energy & Commodities to Financial Services, bring their own set of intricacies. This complexity extends to Retail, Telco, QSR, Travel and more. Each of these sectors has distinct challenges, presenting unique opportunities. At Publicis Sapient, we go beyond surface-level solutions to craft tailored strategies for each sector, pushing aside a one-size-fits-all mindset in favor of nuanced, effective outcomes.

Strategizing with SPEED

Our SPEED capabilities (Strategy, Product, Experience, Engineering, and Data & AI) encapsulate the essence of our approach to DBT. Strategy is often an essential starting point, anchored in data and insights and aimed at the heart of key value opportunities. Product is about evolving at pace and scale, ensuring both we and our clients stay a step ahead in the digital curve. Experience centers on delivering tangible value through enhanced customer engagements. When it comes to Engineering, we recognize that robust, scalable execution is non-negotiable. Lastly, Data & AI do more than inform our decisions. They drive ongoing refinement, with AI amplifying our SPEED capabilities and enabling a future-facing perspective.

Salesforce: Beyond a Cloud

For Publicis Sapient, Salesforce represents more than a technological asset—it's a transformative cloud ecosystem. Our alliance with Salesforce isn't merely partnership-driven; it's built on an unwavering belief in its game-changing potential. This belief is grounded in and demonstrated by our successful Salesforce initiatives, global presence, comprehensive certifications, and the consistent praise we receive from our clients.

AI: The Sapient Way

In the constantly changing digital environment, AI and Data Science are not just trends—they're reshaping the very fabric of business. Our commitment to this future is embodied throughout our organization, from our Data and AI team to PS AI Labs — our AI and data science innovation Center of Excellence. We're not content with merely adopting the latest in AI. We're focused on helping to define it.

“AI is reshaping our world and transforming business in ways we never imagined, and every company needs to become AI-first.” – Marc Benioff

Aligned with our six foundational AI Guiding Principles, our commitment to a future, ethical AI extends even further. As part of the Publicis Group, we are a Steering Committee member of the Coalition of Content Provenance Authenticity (C2PA), proudly helping C2PA balance the growth potential of AI with responsible use. Together, we're setting standards for content authentication and driving transparency in content origins.

Our sustained AI legacy, along with our ethical framework, is bringing together technology, media, brands and people to drive businesses into a secure AI-augmented future.

The Salesforce and AI Convergence

At Publicis Sapient, we combine our Industry and SPEED expertise with our deep understanding of AI's innovative potential and our Salesforce practice's advanced capabilities to deliver a game-changing blend of transformative solutions. While many may claim proficiency in either Salesforce or AI, we uniquely integrate both under the expansive umbrella of DBT. For us, every challenge is an opportunity to set new, consequential benchmarks.

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John Ayers
John Ayers
MarTech Strategy, Digital Business Transformation
Emely Patra
Emely Patra
Group Vice President and Head of Publicis Sapient Salesforce Practice in EMEA

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