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Waldkliniken Eisenberg

How Patient/Practitioner Transparency Improves Everyone’s Experience

Our intuitive Cloud-based patient portal added value at all stages of the treatment journey.

For more than a decade, the German government has been driving digital transformation of the healthcare sector. The state of Thuringia decided to embark on its own lighthouse project, providing funding for a patient-focused e-health cloud.

Waldkliniken Eisenburg, a specialist orthopedic hospital, was selected to pilot the platform. Salesforce and Publicis Sapient were chosen to bring the vision to life.

The Imperative for Change

Complex medical processes, disconnected technology systems, and rigorous data protection laws all presented challenges. Limited public funds and a nine-month timeframe added to the complications. But, by using a hybrid Agile approach, the team delivered a comprehensive, flexible MVP known as the WKE Patient Portal.

By collaborating with C-level stakeholders at the hospital, Publicis Sapient uncovered and outlined exhaustive requirements to ensure that both the needs of the patients and professional users were fully supported.

The Transformative Solution

Salesforce Health Cloud was brought into service as the core platform, with a custom front end leveraging the insights from the Health Cloud developer community. MuleSoft was deployed on the back end to interface with the hospital’s existing systems. In addition, Community Cloud was implemented to provide customer-facing services.

Patients can now enter their medical histories on any device and share it with providers. Providers can manage treatment plans, care teams, appointments, and more, as data is synchronized with existing hospital information systems.  The platform also provides patients with medical documents, appointments, medications related notifications and processes. Finally, we ensured everything met vital GDPR compliance.

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The Business Impact

Intuitive and comprehensive, The WKE Patient Portal creates value for every user at each touchpoint in the treatment journey:

  • Patients enjoy transparency, convenience, speed, and security
  • Practitioners win back time and have access to complete, coordinated information
  • Hospitals can improve planning and offer more personalized treatment and interactions.
In addition, the government has a roadmap for increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing patient engagement across the state.
“We are very happy....The WKE Patient Portal is an important building block in the implementation of our hospitality vision and is a lighthouse project not only for Thuringia, but also for Germany as a whole.”
David Thies, CEO of Waldkliniken Eisenberg
Peter Wardell
Peter Wardell
Senior Director International Business Lead – Health