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Assessing the AI Readiness of an Organization: A Strategic Perspective

In today's business environment, discussions about Artificial Intelligence (AI) are not limited to potential; they should focus on harnessing AI's tangible, real-time benefits. At Publicis Sapient's Salesforce Practice, our approach centers on unlocking practical AI for organizations, beginning with a comprehensive evaluation of AI readiness. Let me provide a few insights.

STAR: Our Key Pillars to Unlocking Practical AI

Now more than ever, businesses must cut through the hype surrounding AI to unlock its true value. By leveraging Salesforce Einstein coupled with generative AI, we engineer practical AI solutions that solve real-world challenges, enhance the customer experience, and drive revenue growth. Our approach is guided by our well-established STAR Pillar framework.

Seamless Business Integration: Transitioning to AI-driven workflows shouldn't lead to upheaval in your organization. We prioritize the integration of AI into existing business workflows, ensuring that the shift is seamless and augments operational efficiency.

Tailored Solutions: In a dynamic market landscape, the importance of bespoke AI solutions cannot be understated. At Publicis Sapient, we're acutely aware that every organization has unique needs. By aligning AI capabilities with specific business objectives, we ensure relevance and a results-driven approach.

Actionable Insights: In an era flooded with data, the real power lies in actionable insights. With AI-driven analytics, organizations can rapidly identify opportunities, making real-time decisions that optimize operations and spur growth.

Real-Time Adaptability: The business world is in constant flux. Our commitment is to provide AI solutions that not only align with current market trends but can also pivot and evolve as the landscape shifts. This agility empowers businesses to make informed decisions, keeping them ahead of the curve.

“Most IT leaders have technical and ethical concerns with the technology that could impact its adoption in the coming year.” – Salesforce’s Generative AI in IT Survey

Determining Your Organization's AI Readiness

If your business is ready to integrate the transformative power of AI into its organizational strategy, consider these three critical areas to determine your readiness: 

Business: An effective AI strategy begins with clarity of purpose. At Publicis Sapient, we work closely with companies to establish clear objectives that augment the Salesforce ecosystem. This, in turn, enhances the value delivered to businesses, employees and customers. As AI introduces changes, we're at the forefront of managing and communicating these shifts to ensure innovation and maturity. Further, by evaluating the expected ROI from Salesforce GPT's AI + Data + CRM capabilities, we provide a clear roadmap for investments.

Technology: The foundation of a successful AI implementation is quality data. Our focus is ensuring robust data governance, seamlessly integrating it with existing enterprise data and Salesforce CRM. Our team brings a unique blend of expertise, leveraging native Salesforce Clouds, Einstein features, and Salesforce GPT’s continuously expanding AI capabilities. The goal? Smooth integration of Salesforce Einstein and GPT use cases with existing systems.

People: For AI to truly take root, organizational culture and leadership play a pivotal role. We collaborate with leaders who champion ethical and results-oriented AI, driving organization-wide adoption. At the heart of our strategy lies a commitment to continuous innovation, particularly with Salesforce Einstein GPT. Moreover, by providing resources and enablement, we ensure that employees are equipped with the necessary skills to fully harness Salesforce GPT's AI + Data + CRM capabilities.

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John Ayers
John Ayers
MarTech Strategy, Digital Business Transformation
Emely Patra
Emely Patra
Group Vice President and Head of Publicis Sapient Salesforce Practice in EMEA

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