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What you need to know about CDPs, Data Cloud, and Customer 360

Hear from Don Dew – Sr. Director, Salesforce Solutions – and Amy Kitscher – Director, Salesforce Martech Solutions – in this 60-minute, on-demand webinar.

It’s Time to Reach New Heights with Data Cloud

This webinar kicks off our upcoming series of articles about CDP, Data Cloud, and Customer 360. In this timely and insightful video, you’ll learn about the following:

1. Forces Driving Disruption

2. Enabling Data-Driven Experiences

3. How to Think about Platform Design

4. Getting to Value Quickly

5. Steps You Can Take

 Official Launch Partner of Salesforce Data Cloud  

As an Official Launch Partner of Salesforce Data Cloud, we want to extend our support and expertise as you unpack Data Cloud's capabilities to maximize your Salesforce investment. Real-time data insights can lead to higher-quality experiences across your business, and we can help you get there.


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Don Dew
Don Dew
Head of Salesforce Solutions Consulting
Amy Kitscher
Amy Kitscher
MarTech Solutions Director