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Think Big, Start Small, Act Fast: A Blueprint for AI Success!

In an era where business and technology evolve rapidly, companies must stay one step ahead. With AI advancements leading the charge, there's no time to pause. But how can your organization harness the benefits of AI seamlessly? Enter the AI Value Alignment Lab.

What is the AI Value Alignment Lab?

The AI Value Alignment Lab is a transformative half-day workshop tailored to guide your business from its present operational practices to a future that harnesses the full power of AI, data and CRM. We work side-by-side with you, focusing on the synergy between Salesforce Einstein, GPT and other AI capabilities.

The heart of our session is collaboration. We bring client and Publicis Sapient stakeholders together to uncover AI opportunities, risks and solutions in real-time, all targeted at enhancing customer experiences and improving business outcomes.

What to Expect

Our offering promises a transformative process, beginning with a half-day workshop followed by a review within two weeks. Your role is pivotal. We invite engagement from your team, encompassing a range of expertise, including Marketing, AI, IT, Data and beyond. Your valuable insights and commitment to embracing AI capabilities are also sought.

During the workshop, expect a joint brainstorming session on a digital whiteboard. This exercise ensures alignment across various teams to facilitate an agreed upon prioritized plan across your key stakeholders. By the end, objectives for leveraging AI are clarified, potential risks are outlined, and a roadmap with milestones emerges. Furthermore, there's dedicated time for planning the next steps to ensure a robust AI foundation for the future.

Align your business values with AI's potential today! Check out our AI Value Alignment Lab, and let's set up a call.

Our Process

While our workshops are customized to your particular industry and challenges, our proven framework typically covers these phases.

Gaps & Opportunities is our initial focus. We delve into your business challenges and customer pain points, ensuring we pinpoint where AI can make the most difference. The AI Review phase evaluates your organization's current state of AI adoption, highlighting possible quick wins and long-term strategies. With AI and Measurement, we ensure your AI initiatives align perfectly with key business metrics like scalability, ROI and more. AI Governance is about ensuring that the AI adoption is not just effective but also ethical. We emphasize enhancing your team's capabilities, refining processes, and achieving a seamless AI integration. Use Case Mapping is where we spotlight potential AI-driven use cases that can have an immediate impact. Finally, Prioritization & Road Map provides our perspective on the key areas that will define your AI journey, particularly with tools like Salesforce Einstein GPT.

What’s Next?

Approximately 10 days after your workshop, we reconvene. Our AI Value Alignment Lab team will then present a Vision & Recommendation Proposal, helping you visualize your AI-augmented future.

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John Ayers
John Ayers
MarTech Strategy, Digital Business Transformation

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