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Long-term E-commerce Profitability

E-commerce sales have accelerated far beyond any pre-COVID predictions. While that’s largely good news for retailers, challenges remain. Namely: what’s the best way to sustain this growth—and to do so profitably? Although the scale has changed, the levers, as always, are revenue and cost.

How Are Retailers Investing in Digital?


Learn what 300 retail executives in seven markets cite as their most pressing issues.


Increase Revenue

Retail Media Networks, Explained

Discover how can you generate new revenue and plenty of customer delight with this proven approach to data monetization.

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Retail Media Platforms: On-site and off-site advertising and data monetization are increasingly popular ways to expand retail lines of business.
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Commerce Strategy: Determine the right balance between physical and digital, organic growth and acquisitions, and product mixes for your unique business.

Omnichannel Digital Experience: The experience is the brand, and our digital solutions—from mobile and desktop to apps and in-store enhancements—drive brand loyalty and share of wallet.

Marketplaces: Consumers want greener products and experiences, and you want to keep your brand in the conversation and your customers on your site. Our open source peer-to-peer marketplace is the best of all worlds.
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Decrease Costs

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Promise to Delivery: End-to-end visibility of your supply chain addresses profitability and efficiency challenges across six key components.
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Returns Optimization: Reducing the high cost of returns requires a strategic approach to supply chain, site experience, even marketing.
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Replatforming: Selecting a new commerce platform is the first step to many retail imperatives across experience, data and supply chain.

Shift to Cloud: Moving away from on-premises platforms gives retailers greater agility for ongoing enhancements, access to data, as well as site stability as traffic ebbs and flows.

Microservices & Headless E-commerce: Product and experience updates are faster and simpler with processes decoupled, enabling constant adaptations to customer needs.

Automated Fulfillment Solutions: The right mix of technologies— from MFCs to Robotic Warehouses to picking apps—can speed up and smooth out retail supply chains.

Shipping and Delivery Partner Optimization: Identifying the right strategic partner for last-mile, on-demand workforce or full delivery ensures accuracy, visibility and cost efficiency.

Four Pillars of E-commerce Profitability

Our in-depth guide to your e-commerce journey.

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