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Long-term E-commerce Profitability

E-commerce sales have accelerated far beyond any pre-COVID predictions. While that’s largely good news for retailers, challenges remain. Namely: what’s the best way to sustain this growth—and to do so profitably? Although the scale has changed, the levers, as always, are revenue and cost.

Four Pillars of E-commerce Profitability

Our in-depth guide to your e-commerce journey.


Increase Revenue

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Retail Media Platforms: On-site and off-site advertising and data monetization are increasingly popular ways to expand retail lines of business.

Commerce Strategy: Determine the right balance between physical and digital, organic growth and acquisitions, and product mixes for your unique business.

Omnichannel Digital Experience: The experience is the brand, and our digital solutions—from mobile and desktop to apps and in-store enhancements—drive brand loyalty and share of wallet.

Marketplaces: Operationalize an expanded product selection from brand-adjacent third-party sellers in order attract more customers and capture valuable data.

Decrease Costs

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Returns Optimization: Reducing the high cost of returns requires a strategic approach to supply chain, site experience, even marketing.
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Replatforming: Selecting a new commerce platform is the first step to many retail imperatives across experience, data and supply chain.

Shift to Cloud: Moving away from on-premises platforms gives retailers greater agility for ongoing enhancements, access to data, as well as site stability as traffic ebbs and flows.

Microservices & Headless E-commerce: Product and experience updates are faster and simpler with processes decoupled, enabling constant adaptations to customer needs.

Automated Fulfillment Solutions: The right mix of technologies— from MFCs to Robotic Warehouses to picking apps—can speed up and smooth out retail supply chains.

Shipping and Delivery Partner Optimization: Identifying the right strategic partner for last-mile, on-demand workforce or full delivery ensures accuracy, visibility and cost efficiency.

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