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Returns Optimization

Provide seamless customer experiences while reducing overhead costs with Publicis Sapient’s data-driven approach to Returns Optimization.

Let’s face it – having to return an item isn’t a great experience for anyone. For customers, it’s another step to go through before getting the item they really want. For retailers, it’s a costly process that cuts into margins.

But as e-commerce continues to become a preferred channel, returns have also grown exponentially. E-commerce generally sees three times as many returns as brick and mortar, and based on the present growth rate for returns, customers will return nearly $1 trillion in merchandise annually by 2027.

From the customer’s point of view, returns should be seamless. However, for retailers, they are anything but. At Publicis Sapient, we understand that championing returns requires a holistic view, balancing customer expectation with cost-effective strategies. Our Return Optimization solution takes a four-step approach to solving the biggest returns challenges retailers face today.

Omnichannel Returns

Typically, digital orders and in-store orders are managed separately, making it difficult for retailers to deliver omnichannel returns experiences. Our Omnichannel Returns solution addresses this challenge, giving retailers capability to allow customers to buy anywhere and return anywhere.

Returns Prediction Engine

Our Returns Prediction Engine leverages customer data and past purchase/return behavior to help retailers identify the right strategies to help shoppers make the best buying decisions, with personalized experiences delivered at the right stages of the customer journey. With solutions that speak to common issues like size, fit or specifications, retailers can reduce propensity for returns by arming the customer with the right tools to help them find exactly what they need.

Return/Exchange Engine

Returning or exchanging an item doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Our Return/Exchange Engine seamless integrates with any channel to make experiences simple and convenient – from prepping a return, to selecting the right exchange option or receiving a refund.

Resale Optimization Engine

Make the most out of your returned items. Our Return Optimization Engine examines data from across the business to identify the best path to resale, making the most of inventory by identifying the right stores or locations with demand for an item, or optimizing shipping routes to cut down on shipping costs.

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