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64% of Gen Z
look for secondhand products before new
46% of Gen Z and Millennials
look at resale values before making a purchase
expected size of the U.S. resale market by 2027

What if your next investment in the planet didn’t require an investment at all? Participating in the circular economy reduces waste while generating community, loyalty and data, ultimately boosting brand value and the bottom line.

Meet the circular economy imperative. Meet our open source P2P marketplace.

Now available on GitHub, our standalone open source marketplace enables buyers and sellers to list, discover and purchase pre-loved merchandise directly, connecting buyers and sellers who are passionate about sustainability without the hassle of inventory management and fulfillment.

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Marketplace features

Example of a product detail page with search, map and more.
Single, seamless customer journey across multiple devices.
Example of built-in categorization and brand customization.

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