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Supply chain operations have always been seen as a substantial cost center—a necessity of doing business. But what if they ran more like a demand chain? What if they could be responsive to ensure agility in these wildly evolving times?

From planning to procurement, production to pickup, an optimized supply chain not only saves money, but also drives connection, loyalty and ultimately growth by putting shoppers first.

Supply chain stories

Efficiencies drive profit. And so do happy customers. Find out what real people have to say about their supply chain wins and woes, and learn about the supply chain solutions that enable winning customer and operational experiences.

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  • Micro Fulfillment Center Solution

    Locating fulfillment centers closer to the customer keeps satisfaction high and last-mile costs low, positioning retailers to compete against challenger rapid delivery services.

    Omnichannel Management System Transformation

    Retailers need to understand where their inventory is, when to pick from a retail location or a warehouse (white or dark store), how to streamline trunking and more—all in near real time.

    Automated Warehouse Solution

    Only 19% of retailers use automated picking. Reduce costs and get products to customers faster using AI to identify the number of pick trips and then prioritize picking using specific business rules while identifying the shortest picking route.

    Control Tower Digital Brain

    Understand data in real time spot opportunities and solve issues that achieve your specific business goals, from increases loyalty to reducing waste. 
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