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A Shopper-First Supply Chain

Supply chain operations have always been seen as a substantial cost center — a necessity of doing business. But what if they ran more like a demand chain? What if they could be responsive to ensure agility in these wildly evolving times? From planning to procurement, production to pickup, could a shopper-first supply chain not only save money for retailers, but also create increasingly relevant customer experiences to drive growth?


Check out our infographic below to see what’s possible.

woman shopping on laptop
Step-by-Step Digitally Enabled Supply Chain

Before you can put a product in a customer’s hands, you’ve got to figure out how to get it there – seamlessly.

Join this journey to learn how to spin yarn into a loyal customer.

Red Yarn
Step one

Demand Planning

It starts with raw materials. Exactly how much yarn should we source for Suzy’s sweater?

Let the data decide.

Step two


An updated tech stack gives you visibility into the yarn as it crosses geographies and stages of production

How does this affect revenue?

Step three

Self-correcting supply chains

Running low on red? Some sweaters snagging? Control Towers use AI to automate reorders, quality control and more.

Step four

Inventory Planning

Congrats, it’s a sweater! How many should stay in warehouse? Where should the rest go?

A global omnichannel fulfillment story.

Step five

Inventory Management

Remember Suzy? She loves your sweater, and she wants it NOW. But she’s not eligible for free overnight shipping. Can a nearby distribution center make it happen anyway?

Step six

Customer Data Platforms

Yay, she got the sweater!
Boo, it doesn’t fit.
But you know she’s likely to exchange it in-store and save costs if you incentivize her with a coupon for a purchase there. You also capture new data about product sizing. Triple ching.

Efficient operations, profitable e-commerce, and a very happy customer. Digitally transforming your supply chain creates impact across your entire enterprise.

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Retail Supply Chain Solutions
  • Promise to Delivery

    A digital supply chain enables seamless e-commerce by connecting and optimizing the journey from selling channels through OMS, fulfillment centers, last mile, and finally to your customer—exactly when they expect it.

    Learn More

    Control Tower

    End-to-end visibility across your ecosystem not only gives you actionable insights, but can also automate the actions that will continuously optimize your supply chain —streamlining your operations and giving customers the speed and convenience they demand.

    Learn More

    Global Inventory Visibility

    Define new approaches for visibility, accuracy and capture to increase conversion rates while reducing carrying costs, stockouts and markdowns.

    Order Management Systems

    Retailers need to understand where their inventory is, when to pick from a retail location or a warehouse (white or dark store), how to streamline trunking and more—all in near real time.

    Learn More

    Returns Optimizations

    Products ordered online are returned up to 3X as often as in brick-and-mortar stores. Publicis Sapient helps reduce both the frequency and the expense of returns by optimizing products, the purchase experience and the process of the return, without degrading customer experience.

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    Picking Optimization

    Only 19% of retailers use automated picking. Reduce costs and get products to customers faster using AI to identify the number of pick trips and then prioritize picking using specific business rules while identifying the shortest picking route.


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