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Peak E-Commerce Assessment

The Peak E-Commerce Assessment (PEA) is a high-speed audit of digital environments to ensure a retailer is fully prepared for peak cycles of e-commerce demand. This rapid yet systematic review identifies shortcomings throughout the organization and delivers a comprehensive plan for swift digital transformation.

Based on a proprietary framework, this examination assesses digital health and peak readiness in just three weeks. This means a thorough evaluation of an organization’s entire digital ecosystem, IT operations and business operations to find weaknesses in stability, availability and overall performance.

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The Peak E-Commerce Assessment identifies retailers’ shortcomings rapidly so their digital platform is ready to handle high sales volumes.

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During PEA’s first week, Publicis Sapient technologists, retail operations experts and engineers fully immerse themselves in the retailer’s digital foundation. They conduct two full-day workshops to understand current application footprints, peak-season goals and exiting processes. This enables the team to establish the client’s baseline metrics and develop relevant key performance indicators to prepare for the holiday season. They can also implement existing PS dashboards to track these KPIs or develop new measurement panels to track metrics on a regular basis.

The next two weeks are used to analyze the captured data, conduct stakeholder interviews in all areas related to holiday preparedness and evaluate whether the organization is ready to handle peak traffic.

Once PEA is complete, the PS experts hold a daylong workshop to share their findings and provide a wide-ranging overview of the gaps and shortcomings in the current infrastructure. They establish which metrics need to be achieved to guarantee success and create a blueprint for reaching this goal.

At the client’s discretion, the Publicis Sapient team can either hand the Peak E-commerce Assessment plan over to the retailer or stick around and help execute the plan. The client has complete freedom over Publicis Sapient’s level of involvement after the assessment – from periodic checkups to daily on-site engineering.

What problems does the PEA solution address?

Sudip Mazumder, head of integrated delivery in North America for Publicis Sapient, said COVID-19 safety measures will result in record-setting digital sales for the 2020 holiday season. Salesforce predicts digital channels will account for 30 percent of all retail sales globally this holiday season and that traditional delivery services will be overwhelmed by the number of packages.

Publicis Sapient has helped retailers through online holiday sales over the last 20 years, prioritizing the stability, availability and overall performance of complete digital ecosystems. For Cyber Week 2019 alone, PS supported roughly $1 billion in online sales for many marquee retailers in North America without a single major customer-facing issue.

Although initially developed for the holiday season, this high-speed audit can help any business that needs to strengthen its e-commerce platform and delivery system during crunch time.

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