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How Connected Commerce Generates Growth for Automotive Brands

Publicis Sapient’s Connected Commerce solutions are designed to help businesses thrive in the post-digital era by leveraging the power of connectivity to elevate their ecosystems. In today's fast-paced and digitally connected world, businesses need to adapt and evolve to stay ahead. This collection of Connected Commerce tools will help businesses unlock new opportunities, optimize operations and enhance customer experiences.

Now Is the Time for Connected Commerce

With the goal of integrating digital sales channels into an elevated ecosystem, the following stats reveal that Connected Commerce is top of mind for today’s leading post-digital tech professionals. 

of CEOs are pursuing a digital-first strategy
of U.S. tech decision-makers anticipate increased investment in cloud infrastructure this year
of U.S. tech decision-makers anticipate increased investment in AI capabilities this year
of CX leaders plan to invest more in the generation of insights and analytics

Are Customers Willing to Share Their Data?

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Connected Commerce Solutions

Publicis Sapient brings together leading automotive organizations, cloud and software vendors, OEMs, mobility companies and dealers to create personalized digital solutions that can be tailored to your brand’s vision. By focusing on organizational efficiencies that boost both profit and customer satisfaction, we build people-centric solutions that can be implemented in combination or on their own to expand your existing ecosystem. 

Predictive Maintenance

Publicis Sapient’s Connected Car Solution to help car owners and fleet managers receive proactive service recommendations, avoid unexpected breakdowns and enhance overall vehicle safety.

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Seamless Ownership and Lifecycle Optimization (SOLO)

Publicis Sapient’s Seamless Shop Solution designed to transform the automotive post-purchase experience to strengthen brand loyalty, brand advocacy and customer lifetime value (CLV).

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