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Publicis Sapient’s Connected Car Solution
Predictive Maintenance

Leveraging connected car data to help car owners and fleet managers receive proactive service recommendations, avoid unexpected breakdowns and enhance overall vehicle safety.

The Traditional Car Maintenance Model

The traditional car maintenance model is based on a break-and-fix or scheduled maintenance approach, which is largely reactive. Car owners and fleet managers take action only after a problem occurs, leading to elevated service costs, longer vehicle downtime and added frustration with the post-purchase experience.

For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), a reactive maintenance model that addresses quality and safety issues only after they occur can result in supply chain constraints, frustration in the customer-dealer relationship and large-volume recalls.

Transitioning to a predictive maintenance model—enabled by the proliferation of sensor technology, rich vehicle data and powerful machine learning models—helps car owners and fleet managers avoid vehicle issues before they occur.

Predictive Maintenance Is a Fast-Growing Market

“Now’s the perfect time for OEMs to invest in predictive maintenance, working together with fleet managers to unlock value by using AI to move beyond dashboards and leverage the right insights to optimize and grow their business.”
Amadeus Tunis, Associate Managing Director, Transportation & Mobility

Why Publicis Sapient’s Predictive Maintenance Solution?

Publicis Sapient has developed a proven machine learning (ML) model—which can be enhanced with OEM and third-party data—to provide actionable recommendations for car owners and fleet managers. In the early stages, we were able to predict vehicle failures with an accuracy of around 80 percent. 

Here’s how Publicis Sapient’s Predictive Maintenance Solution works in the field:

Machine Learning & AI

Publicis Sapient provides all ancillary services and comprehensive enablement to successfully bring a Predictive Maintenance service to life:

The Predictive Maintenance Solution is part of Publicis Sapient’s Connected Commerce Toolbox—a suite of solutions designed to help Transportation & Mobility clients elevate their digital ecosystems.

Find out more by reaching out to our experts:

Amadeus Tunis
Amadeus Tunis
Associate Managing Director, Data Strategy, Transportation & Mobility
Brian Clarey
Brian Clarey
Managing Partner, Business Development, Transportation & Mobility

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