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How Renault Accelerated EV Adoption with P2P Charging
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As a pioneer of electric vehicles since 2010, Renault is proudly at the forefront of mobility. So when the growth rate of electric vehicles threatened to exceed the public supply of charging stations, they chose to do something about it. Together with Publicis Sapient and Publicis Conseil, they empowered drivers all over Europe to travel confidently with the peer-to-peer (P2P) home rental of EV charging.

a lady about to connect her EV to a charging outlet

The Imperative for Change

Even with the proliferation of electric vehicles, drivers were anxious about going long distances due to the scarcity of charging stations. Renault sought to fill this gap by investing in an innovative digital solution. Inspired by the sharing economy’s leading platforms, we discovered an opportunity to connect people who have idle electric charging stations at home with people who travel in electric vehicles of all brands.

The Transformative Solution

Publicis Sapient partnered with Renault to first define a viable solution in just eight weeks for a peer-to-peer charging point booking service. From the vision, business case and MVP defined in this stage, we created Plug Inn: the first electric recharge network that connects people to home charging stations.

Our strategy and experience teams further researched drivers, informing product, engineering and experience design to define and prioritize features. Data capabilities ensure Renault is not only reaching KPIs, but also continually refining the app to facilitate the EV experience.

Through a Lean Startup approach, we constantly tested and iterated on the model and experience to reduce risk, improve quality and shorten the delivery cycle—ultimately ensuring that the experience was seamless, all users were verified and pricing was fair. 

visual of Renault plu-Inn app

The Impact

In just one year, Plug Inn was live. This seamless and intuitive shared charging experience has the power to accelerate EV adoption and upgrade driver experiences while cultivating a friendly, trustworthy community of EV drivers that reinforces Renault’s brand. 

Drivers enjoy seamless alternative charging at their fingertips, at a fraction of the commercial price, while home charging point suppliers have a simple way to capture revenue from their existing charger. 

Renault Group has emerged as the leader and the key enabler in building the underlying foundation of a more sustainable European mobility ecosystem—one that enables more travel with less costly infrastructure—all while benefiting from a profitable new service-based business model.

Most importantly, we continue to work together to build the road to a more sustainable future.

tons CO2e prevented by 2030
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“Instead of waiting for the perfect world of electric charging infrastructure, with Publicis Sapient we found a way to adapt to the circumstances and build the future we wished to see. The principles of our design—trust, usefulness, flexibility, reliability, safety and simplicity—were also key tenets of our partnership in this endeavor. Together we are driving more enthusiasm and trust in electric vehicles as a whole and our brand specifically, built on values like community and a sharing economy.”
Arnaud Belloni, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Renault

Our Solutions

Build the digital capabilities you need to continuously adapt to change. 

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René Thomas-Nelson
René Thomas-Nelson
Senior Director, Customer Experience & Innovation

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