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Reimagining CX
Food & Dining

Why Reimagining CX is the Right Choice Right Now

Digital Adoption Heats Up

From the introduction of the cash register in 1879 to the first computerized point of sale systems introduced in 1973 to today’s cashless payment apps, game-changing innovation has played a pivotal role in food and dining transformation. But at its core, customer satisfaction has always been a key differentiator. From the moment a consumer connects with a brand —and at every touchpoint thereafter —a customer-centric approach is an essential ingredient to be future-ready.

We are at the beginning of fundamental changes —from redesigning the order-to-fulfillment process to building and integrating touchless solutions. Restaurants must leverage the latest digital technology to lay the groundwork for recovery and gain competitive advantage for future growth.

Explore the Restaurant of Tomorrow, Today

Browse our interactive eatery to experience the next level of dining innovation from the comfort of your own screen.

How A Casual Eatery Put Loyalty on The Menu
How A Casual Eatery Put Loyalty on The Menu


To keep up with ever-changing dining demands, learn how a restaurant chain embraced a mobile-led, multichannel approach to dish-up convenience today and loyal customers for life.

Engagement: Redefined


Deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time, every time. Learn how in-venue digital signage — enhanced with our solution Premise — leverages the power of data and cloud-first analytics to drive better business outcomes.


Digital Solutions & Accelerators

Premise is a fully adaptable platform that enables in-venue experiences leveraging content and data in ways that are meaningful and effective.

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How Test-and-Learn Automation Optimizes Campaigns

Revolutionize your campaign strategy with our Test-and-Learn Automation solution for consumer-facing businesses like QSRs.

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Unlock What’s Next in Digital Signage
Is open architecture the new gold standard for digital signage? Join our Senior Director of Strategy, Jackie Walker for a compelling Q&A about the farreaching potential of data-driven, drive-thru menu boards.

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Hear from our Food & Dining experts on unlocking what’s next in your digital transformation.



Our Capabilities

A Better How

Data-Driven Enterprise

Data fuels the food & dining industry. For many, however, data remains a challenge as it sits across systems and organizational silos, limiting the potential to personalize the guest experience and unlock operational efficiencies. We help simplify the solution by defining the technology, tools and architecture to unlock data and deliver smart anticipation of guest needs at every touchpoint.

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Product & CX Innovation

Restaurants & QSRs are finding themselves in an industry that is continually evolving, requiring innovation in their products, in how they serve their customers, and how they improve their service models. We help innovate in the rapid deployment of mobile, delivery, restaurant operations, and other service models to create innovative products and solutions that drive new areas of profitability.

Redefining Loyalty

Customers admit to actively using only two or three of the 10 or more loyalty programs they subscribe to. As a result, many struggle to identify unique ways to reward customers for their behavior and demonstrate business results. We help reimagine and launch modern loyalty programs, enable integrated offer management solutions, and drive customer conversion solutions that enable lifetime loyalty.

Enterprise Engineering Transformation

While many food & dining companies have well established brands, the maturity of their technology limits their ability to innovate and adds unnecessary cost. We help build digital experiences across front and back-of-house systems, with the use of DevOps and Lean practices to deliver results in real time and get solutions to market faster.

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In-Venue Digital

For too long web and mobile experiences have monopolized the best of digital – lightning fast updates, data-driven experiences with robust analytics and personalization – while digital signage has followed a different set of rules. We believe that time is over and have developed an accelerator to balance the constraints of large scale deployments while delivering completely API-driven, digitally native in-venue experiences.

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