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Data Modernization

Transform your Data into Value

With consumer product companies capturing more first-party data than ever and cookieless on the horizon, the challenge to leverage, protect and scale insights across the enterprise remains. So what will it take to reach data enlightenment?


Read on for five key steps — and the solutions to support you along the way.

Use this handy data maturity assessment to help your team identify gaps and critical next steps.

Your enterprise data strategy

Step 1

Becoming an insight-led organization begins with a plan based around goals like building better products, deepening engagement and streamlining operations. This is the time to decide which opportunity to tackle first, what to measure and how to apply the learnings.

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How to become an intelligence-driven consumer product firm

Your value exchange strategy

Step 2

Once you’ve determined what’s best for your business, it’s time to establish exactly what your customers will get out of providing their valuable first-party data. Personalized marketing and loyalty programs are a start, but transparency is increasingly higher on the list of consumer expectations.

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What should I provide customers in exchange for data?

Creating a 360° view

Step 3

Your strategies are established. The data is pouring in — to too many places. The best way to stitch it all together (while respecting data privacy concerns) is a robust Customer Data platform.

Our article on how to "Build a CDP that Makes Customer-Centricity Your Edge" covers the importance of a CDP. Learn more

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How (and why) to get a single view of my customer

Turn data into measurable impact

With your data connected and easily accessible across the enterprise, your business and your customers can begin to reap the benefits with sophisticated experiences, real-time personalization and more.

Check out this use case on how personalization closes the deal. Learn more

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Plan for Next

The beauty — and the beast — of data modernization is that the definition of modern is always changing, so you can continue to drive more value, but it takes more commitment. The next frontier? Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer hyper-personalization, reduced costs through automation, and more.

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Data Modernization Checklist


Use this handy data maturity assessment to help your team identify gaps and critical next steps.


Relevant solutions

Enterprise data strategy

We help consumer product firms articulate the future and transform into a data-driven organization from vision through funding models, roadmap and ultimately delivery of services like:

  • Data strategy​
  • Data driven maturity assessment​
  • Valued identification to realization​
  • Governance​
  • Capability model​
  • Building the data asset​

Learn more


Customer 360

Through CDP and surrounding services and solutions, Publicis Sapient helps businesses improve their ROI on martech and adtech​ and manage customer journeys end to end without relying on 3rd party data.

Learn about:


Insight to Action

We help clients turn data into insight into action and ultimately superior performance​ through organic growth, reinventing core business aspects, and generating totally new sources of revenue.

Capabilities​ include:

  • Experimentation​
  • Data science use cases (ML/NLP/CV)​
  • Exploratory data analysis​

Data modernization partners

  • salesforce
  • adobe
  • aws
  • epsilon
  • ps ai labs

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