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Two male men dressed in Maytag service uniform keeling side by side holding laundry with a shaggy dog looking at them


How Maytag Embraced Data to Raise Customer Engagement – and Sales

Becoming a data-driven business to better understand customers

With a major new pet product launch on the horizon, we partnered with Maytag, a renowned home and commercial appliance brand owned by Whirlpool, to implement a new insight-driven business model to engage more effectively with customers and continue Maytag Brand’s pursuit of improving life at home.

The Imperative for Change

With the impending launch of the Pet Pro System—designed to alleviate problem pet hair in the home—the team at Maytag set three key performance metrics: product awareness, in-market anticipation and product sales.

Together, we set to work identifying customer needs and priorities before crafting a robust, comprehensive data strategy designed to generate personalized customer experiences aligned with the power to dive deep into campaign performance analysis.

The Transformative Solution

Having run a series of workshops with Maytag Brand’s leadership team, a plan of action was formulated.

We provided consultation on data capture, benchmarking and SEO best practices, all underpinned by a holistic road map to guide business decisions. This was supported by new data strategies across data, logic, experiences and measurement, leveraged by a semi-real time dashboard (powered by Adobe Analytics Workspace), detailing engagement and conversions across the entire Maytag® Pet Pro System activation.

The Impact

With a new strategy and platform in place, the Maytag team found themselves able to successfully monitor the full funnel and customer journey performance of the Pet Pro System launch, from the cross-channel media activations, right up to the end conversions. Up-to-the-minute, real-time insights now provide visibility across the whole business.

But that’s not all; greater product awareness added new customers, and digital sales revenue increased, including site visits, email sign ups and units sold.

And of course, the needs of potential Pet Pro System customers are now better understood by Maytag, meaning a smoother, more effective engagement experience—as well as no more unwanted pet hair around the home.

“By working with Publicis Sapient, we developed a strong digital data strategy that set the team up for success and provided real-time learnings on how consumers interacted with this launch on digital platforms. This allowed us to make optimizations on-the-spot and learn along the way."
Kaitlyn Haag
Kaitlyn Haag, Digital Brand Manager, Maytag brand at Whirlpool Corporation
Amanda Glassberg
Amanda Glassberg
Director, Data Strategist