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Return to Travel: What do Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X Expect?

Travel & Hospitality Report

When the pandemic began, many people wondered when the travel industry would ever bounce back. But bucket lists only grew longer as passports gathered dust. And in 2022, it’s clear the travel bug has returned. It’s no longer about if, but rather how different age groups prefer to travel again. And as we study the trends, a generational divide reveals itself. But how do preferences differ across Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X?

Report highlights

Publicis Sapient’s research focuses on uncovering the differences in travel preferences by age group across a global sample.


The takeaways

  • While Gen Z travelers seek once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Millennials and Gen X respondents prioritize safety and value, respectively.
  • Roughly a half to two-thirds of all respondents say sustainability is vital to their travel plans.
  • Gen Z has the strongest preference for human concierge assistance.
  • While health and safety concerns persist, cost has become the #1 consideration for 2022 travel and beyond.
  • Millennials are more interested than Gen X or Gen Z in virtual or augmented reality travel research.

We hope this report will help you make data-powered business enhancements and build stronger connections between your brand and your guests. With the right data strategies, travel organizations can meet customers’ evolving needs and continue to move the industry forward.



Research Connections conducted the survey among 3,000 Gen Z (ages 18-25), Millennial (ages 26-40) and Gen X (ages 41-57) participants across the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Conducted from May 2022, the purpose of the research was to enable a better understanding of the differences in travel preferences based on age group. This data report is meant to help brands evolve their business operations and forge lasting customer relationships through personalized and engaging experiences.

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Jagdish Ghanshani
Jagdish Ghanshani
Senior Vice President and Managing Partner
Nick Shay
Nick Shay
Group Vice President, Travel & Hospitality, International Markets

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