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Connected Store Experiences

Create digitally enabled in-store experiences that connect across channels, with the customer at the center.


Retail Store of the Future

With a lens on the future, retailers are reimagining stores for the digital age—using technology to create new experiences from product discovery to checkout. But just what will this new shopping experience look like?


Retail in the Wild: Demystifying Goop’s Cult Following

Our retail experts analyze how one brand’s meticulous curation and empowering tone seamlessly flow from online to in-store in this virtual tour.

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Get insights and real-life examples on the importance of connecting customer experiences across your entire retail ecosystem.

Store Experience Solutions

Together we can identify the highest-impact opportunities to connect physical and digital, with a focus on the quickest ways to prove ROI, with solutions across:

  • Store Operations Transformation

    In-store Experience

    E-commerce Profitability

    • Site monetization
    • Retailers as a platform
    • Cybersecurity

    Omnichannel Fulfillment

    • Dark store strategy
    • Returns optimization
    • Curbside pickup
    • Micro-fulfillment


    Experience Transformation

    • Journey reinvention
    • Product design and optimization
    • CX + employee platform design
    • Product and digital run support
    • Connected environments
Retail Journey Reinvention
Our auditing framework can identify the biggest opportunities for growth in your physical-digital retail ecosystem.
Jackie Walker
Jackie Walker
Senior Director, CX&I
Gemma Leutton
Gemma Leutton
Director, Consumer Products