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Connected Store Experiences

Create digitally enabled in-store experiences that connect across channels, with the customer at the center.

Reimagine the Store of the Future

Connected shopper-first experiences

Take a quick tour of a digitally enabled shopping journey and the many opportunities to connect via store experiences.

Retail Store of the Future

10 Things Customers Expect from your Stores

Retail in the Wild: Demystifying Goop’s Cult Following

Retail in the Wild

Find out what good looks like when it comes to in-store experiences.

Related Retail Insights

Get insights and real-life examples on the importance of connecting customer experiences across your entire retail ecosystem.

Store Experience Solutions

Together we can identify the highest-impact opportunities to connect physical and digital, with a focus on the quickest ways to prove ROI, with solutions across:

  • Store Operations Transformation

    In-store Experience

    E-commerce Profitability

    • Site monetization
    • Retailers as a platform
    • Cybersecurity

    Omnichannel Fulfillment

    • Dark store strategy
    • Returns optimization
    • Curbside pickup
    • Micro-fulfillment


    Experience Transformation

    • Journey reinvention
    • Product design and optimization
    • CX + employee platform design
    • Product and digital run support
    • Connected environments

Retail Journey Reinvention

Our auditing framework can identify the biggest opportunities for growth in your physical-digital retail ecosystem.
Jackie Walker
Jackie Walker
Senior Director, CX&I
Sara Alloy
Sara Alloy
Retail Experience Lead, NA