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HFS Market Vision Report

Publicis Sapient brings its SPEED philosophy to digital business transformation

Unlocking new sources of value through digital innovation: Publicis Sapient’s SPEED vision under CEO Nigel Vaz’s leadership

Publicis Sapient CEO Nigel Vaz recently shared his SPEED philosophy, lessons in digital business transformation, and vision for the future in a videocast with HFS CEO Phil Fersht.

Since being appointed CEO in 2019, Nigel has developed a unique perspective and approach to client relationships. Under Nigel’s leadership, we have been on a mission to partner with our clients to achieve and sustain competitive advantage by unlocking new sources of value through SPEED.

Graphic defining SPEED as Strategy, Product, Experience, Engineering, Data and AI

In an accompanying report, HFS identified these fundamentals as a key part of partnering with clients on their digital business transformation journeys. But as we know, change does not occur in a vacuum.

Enterprises face many challenges and opportunities in the new hybrid economy with digital at its core. By leaning into their purposes and integrating digital business capabilities, the report concludes they are better equipped to maintain an important competitive advantage.

Image of HFS report cover

Read the full report authored by the HFS research team below.

“Our focus at Publicis Sapient is to use the transformative power of digital to help improve people’s lives. By leveraging digital as a force for good for consumers, citizens, diverse groups of people, and governments, companies that are on the path to make digital their core will benefit, too, from their transformation. Our goal is to leave mankind and our planet significantly better than we found it.”

Nigel Vaz CEO , Publicis Sapient