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Generative AI: Using artificial intelligence to make human impact.Learn how

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PS Bodhi

Ignite end-to-end generative AI at scale.

At the forefront of generative AI solutions

Step into the future of generative AI innovation with PS Bodhi—Publicis Sapient’s enterprise-ready ecosystem for driving AI/ML workflow evolution from development to production—providing you with the power you need to scale in the world of generative AI.

PS Bodhi prioritizes transparency and efficiency. This customizable "glass box" implementation engine is designed to address your organization's unique challenges in deploying and scaling generative AI. The Bodhi ecosystem provides a vetted, tested and continuously optimized network of systems and LLMs. This technology offers the flexibility to integrate with any major cloud provider, giving you everything you need to kickstart and sustain your generative AI enterprise approach.

Interested in the potential of PS Bodhi? Play the video below to learn more.

AskBodhi accelerator: a search solution built on top of the PS Bodhi ecosystem

AskBodhi, a proprietary, end-to-end enterprise search solution, is built upon the power of PS Bodhi. It accelerates your path to success by enabling you to deploy your use cases in just days or weeks, rather than months. With scalable, documented data ingestion, fine-tuning capabilities and secure API integration, AskBodhi ensures every step of your journey is efficient and effective. Additionally, its cloud-agnostic nature means you can harness its power on your preferred cloud platform.

Key features:

  • Covers end-to-end AI/ML LLM workflow
  • Event-driven ingestion pipeline for documents with pre-built connectors for common formats
  • Available on all major clouds
  • Supports the creation of multiple knowledge bases that can be configured or accessed based on client needs (for differentiated subscription strategy, etc.)

AskBodhi solves key generative AI implementation challenges

  • Complex tech environment

    Deploy and scale using AskBohdi’s assessed, tested and fully integrated leading technologies across the end-to-end workflow.


    Leveraging AskBodhi helps you to avoid the risk of vendor lock-in and enable brand- and domain-specific information to be incorporated into model results.

    Data security

    Rely on AskBodhi’s robust data security to avoid leakage of sensitive data while using third-party technologies and APIs.


    Manage generative AI risks, such as hallucinations and bias, with AskBodhi’s programmatic guardrails.

    Cloud integration

    AskBodhi allows you to seamlessly move data between applications with plug-and-play integration and the ability to use cloud-specific tools.

AWS logo, Awarded at the AWS AI Conclave 2021 and 2022 in the Enterprise AI category

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