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How Amplifon Broke Through the Stigma of Hearing Aids
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Hearing aids often need to be reset in different settings, which can be clumsy, intrusive and distracting. 

Being in the moment is truly possible when you can change hearing direction in an instant, reduce noise, such as wind, traffic or drilling, and adapt to surroundings like the park, theater or a busy café—all from a discreet app.

The Imperative for Change

Customers in need of hearing health solutions live an increasingly active, digital lifestyle. But hearing aid manufacturers aren’t providing the modern, easy-to-use solutions this audience expects. And unfortunately, customers still felt there was a stigma associated with using a hearing aid.

The Transformative Solution

We partnered with Amplifon to help their customers easily master using a hearing aid and fully enjoy its capabilities. We designed an entire service ecosystem including the consumer mobile app and the audiologist control center, helping customers make the most out of their device leveraging usage data at an unprecedented level.

The Amplifon App and Service Ecosystem

The integrated mobile app and store service ecosystem from the leading global hearing care retailer.

The Amplifon app

The Business Impact

The app and the service ecosystem are crucial building blocks of Amplifon’s unique customer proposition. “Amplifon innovative Product Experience is built around a combination of design, technology and innovative thinking” said Cristiano Grassini Grimaldi, Amplifon Global SVP Digital & Innovation.

monthly app downloads
active users per month, constantly increasing (+52% since January 2021)

Award-winning work

  • Amplifon & Publicis Sapient: Best Use of Digital by Sector - Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Amplifon & Publicis Sapient: Healthcare and Pharma
  • Amplifon & Publicis Sapient: Online Advertising Creativity - Mobile App
  • Amplifon & Publicis Sapient: Healthcare
Peter Wardell
Peter Wardell
Senior Director International Business Lead – Health