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A U.S. Healthcare Services Provider

How a Healthcare Company Helped Patients Get Well, Faster

Modernizing digital ops and pharmacy for impact.

Over time, an American healthcare services provider’s legacy architecture across their entire delivery and deployment system became outdated, monolithic and incapable of handling even the most basic business enhancements, while also slowing down what was most important—helping patients find and receive the medication they needed. They came to us for a complete digital solution.


A U.S. Healthcare Services Provider

Customer Experience & Design
Technology & Engineering

The Imperative for Change

The healthcare services provider found three key areas in their digital infrastructure that needed attention. Patients expressed that buying prescription drugs online was inconvenient due to clumsy UX, emphasizing the need for a new home delivery service. Additionally, two areas that could facilitate this new service and future delivery capabilities were their cloud platform and their new service deployment system.

The Transformative Solution

We integrated our creative and front-end experts with the healthcare services provider’s tech teams. Together, we came up with ten user experience best practices to address. We quickly helped them roll out a new end-to-end digital pharmacy experience.

We then developed an enterprise-wide, API-centric digital strategy and a modular blueprint based on cloud architecture that leveraged cloud-native solutions. This meant that future strategic enterprise services could be reused across teams and architectures, including workflow, profiles and personalization—paving the way for increased speed to market of future services.

The Impact

The provider’s online pharmacy has seen a turnaround in user experience and satisfaction. New digital app adopters and home deliveries have increased, and their overall NPS score has improved. Dependency on their call center and abandonment through the customer journey have decreased.

On the infrastructure side, the redesign of their data management and solution delivery are yielding new abilities and opportunities. They're poised to innovate new solutions quickly and bring them to market at will—solutions that integrate seamlessly with their current business units, as well as white label products that can be sold to partners.

Chiraag Shah
Chiraag Shah
Executive Client Partner
John Pendleton
John Pendleton
Senior Director Technology

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