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Leading Health Insurer

How a Leading Health Insurer Reimagined Customer Experiences

Helping a company reengage members and change behavior.

A leading health insurer was looking to reengage their members and build trust through a reimagined customer experience. They came to us to help them see their members’ health and wellness journeys from the point of view of their members, and create something that cemented the insurer as partners in their health. Together, we redesigned an approach that put members first. 

a digital platform being designed

The Imperative for Change

A leading health insurer realized that they had, at best, transactional relationships with their members. This health insurer saw a need to reduce costs, retain members and upsell Medicare plans. To accomplish this, the health insurer would need to improve relationships with members by enhancing their user experience in several areas, including their online pharmacy. 

The Transformative Solution

The company asked us to develop an experience strategy that would increase retention and deepen engagement. We began with a deep, longitudinal study of plan participants that uncovered member needs and opportunities to elevate design and experience. 

Based on these findings, we rolled out a completely new digital health platform, including a reimagined online pharmacy. We identified opportunities to personalize and increase engagement while limiting drop-off. We also designed support services, recommended activities that would build trust with members and gave examples of how to further use data to innovate. 

a patient using an online pharmacy

The Impact

Members reported that it was easier to find what they were seeking on the new platform. With readily available information at their fingertips, there were no surprises in services, coverage or charges. The new digital journey was transparent and helpful, which encouraged engagement and interaction—ultimately leading to better health outcomes. 

This was especially clear in the insurer’s new online pharmacy. Because efforts here largely targeted Medicare members 65 and older with major health issues, this population saw life-changing benefits, through increased access to resources, awareness of cost-saving pharmacy programs and accessible tools to improve their healthcare. 

Rajesh Thadhani
Rajesh Thadhani
Director of Technology

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