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Generative AI: Using artificial intelligence to make human impact.Learn how

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Generative AI Solutions

Redefine the future, stay sapient: Purpose-driven, responsible and scalable generative AI solutions to enable your evolution.

A successful generative AI approach is built on digital business transformation—and that is our core expertise.​ Our team can help you ensure your organization is ready for generative AI implementation, evaluate and prioritize use cases and execute the right strategy for your business. 

Recognized as a 2023 Market Leader in Generative Enterprise Services by HFS Research, we understand that the approach and scope of generative AI strategies is unique to each organization. Therefore, your strategy will be tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you’re looking to test and learn through specific use cases or transform your business with a new native large language model, our digital teams work with you in designing and building generative AI solutions that meet your needs. Together, we can unlock the full value of generative AI with the right approach and an ethical and sustainable generative AI strategy. 

Offerings: How we can help

Generative AI Strategy

Unleash the generative AI capabilities that make the most impact for your business through a secure and strategic approach. From developing a data strategy for generative AI to addressing change management, together we’ll develop the optimal approach for your business.

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Generative AI Enterprise Implementation

Move from the generative AI hype to game-changing value at scale. From prototyping and deployment to piloting and scaling, develop the right generative AI implementation framework to ensure your desired business results.

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Enabling generative AI deployment at scale

Generative AI use cases: Designing and building products and services

  • Conversational Interfaces

    Serve your customers via conversational generative AI platforms that use chatbots trained on enterprise data.

    Insights Generation

    Uncover information and generate insights efficiently from disparate documents and knowledge sources using generative AI for data analysis.

    Marketing and Advertising 

    Personalize messages and optimize your marketing and advertising processes for greater efficiency using generative AI tools.

    Salesforce Enablement

    Amplify the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales teams to prepare for meetings, craft compelling pitches and share insights through generative AI sales enablement. 

    Product Engineering

    Increase efficiency across product engineering, code creating, testing, deployment and support using generative AI for product design.

Solutions: Our work by type

Explore how 8 industry leaders leveraged these generative AI offerings to drive operational excellence, enable personalization and increase sales.

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Publicis Sapient Is Named a 2023 Market Leader in Generative Enterprise Services (Gen AI) by HFS Research

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Bringing together innovative, best-in-class generative AI partners to help you harness the power of generative AI to reach your business goals and impact customers’ lives.

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