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Destination Rebound: How the Travel Industry Can Emerge Stronger

Jagdish Ghanshani
Jagdish Ghanshani

The Travelers Have Spoken

The travel and hospitality industry was among those hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. But while it was a year marked by disruption, the world is beginning to turn the corner. Most traditional travel brands are rapidly adapting to take on the surge in leisure travelers, but more can be done to welcome travelers.

To learn more about new consumer concerns and priorities when traveling, we conducted the 2021 Publicis Sapient Travel Study among 3,000 consumers across six countries.


Key Inquiries

Are people actually eager to travel again?

Of all the consumers we surveyed, find out just how many report that they plan to travel far from home this year.

Are travelers planning ahead for their trips?

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, leisure trips became more sporadic and spontaneous. But with restrictions lifting, we asked travelers how many of them are starting to plan ahead again and book leisure travel well in advance.

What do consumers want from their travel providers?

After being grounded for a year or more, consumers have strong ideas about how they want their next experiences to play out. Find out what 71% of post-pandemic travelers agree on.

How can safety matters be addressed?

From mask mandates to indoor dining limitations and more, we now have a sense of what tomorrow’s travelers want to know before they pack their bags.

Access the Full Report

Explore these findings and more in the full report. You’ll also learn important actions that brands can take now to attract people and meet their evolving travel needs as we emerge from the pandemic.

Jagdish Ghanshani
Jagdish Ghanshani
Senior Vice President and Managing Partner

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