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A sports fan records his experience at the stadium with his bobile device
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The Next Wave in Sports 

While sports continue to gain global appeal and attract fans all over the world, there remains a sizeable opportunity to engage with fans, regardless of their geography, in more meaningful ways—consequently generating greater business value.

Strong performance across sports teams and leagues

Today’s Dynamic Sports Scene: Evolving Now and Into the Future

Graphic depicting five pillars of digital transformation for the Sports industry: 1. Expanding your fan base, 2. Selling event day tickets to an even wider audience, 3. Providing extraordinary fan experiences both in-venue and on mobile devices, 4.Diversifying revenue streams to upsell and cross-sell fans, and 5. Growing corporate partnerships to monetize data with in-venue activations and global sponsorships.

Unlocking New Avenues to Connect With Fans

Live sporting events are no longer the only way for fans to engage with their favorite teams, leagues, players, public figures or organizations. With innovative online and virtual tools—including digital gamification, streaming, social media, and more—industry leaders are now able to blend physical and digital experiences, delighting fans beyond and between the events they attend in-person. 

The Opportunity: Transform from a media-centric business model to an engagement model. 

Graphic depicting four ways the Sports industry is evolving: first, from live entertainment to multichannel digital; second, from perceived fan ownership to shared ownership across platforms; third, from focusing on the league and team to focusing on the athletes, activists, and fans; and fourth, from game-day activities to fan interactions that take place in between games and after the whistle.

Where do you start?

From ticket sales and demand generation to boosts in loyalty, brand relevance and more, there are many benefits to unifying fan experiences across disconnected ecosystems. But it can be challenging to identify the best starting point for your brand. Begin by asking yourself which of these questions or issues you’d like to solve for first. 

Taking the first steps: Bringing fans and teams closer together 

Engagement with fans in channels they want at the time they want it, regardless of geography.

“I want to be able to identify fans and target them with relevant offers.”

“How do we efficiently expand the volume of our communications while maintaining a ‘wide net?’”

“Fans today have widely disparate needs and desires. How do I meet them where they are?”

The Opportunity

Teams have access to fan data, but it’s often siloed, with no singular record of truth. Fans expect you to know them, especially younger fans who hold every brand to the standard of the best experiences they have today.

How We Can Help

Deliver measurable business value by enabling personalized experiences and predicting your fans’ preferences with our CDP offerings. We can help select the right product, collect disparate data sources, uncover actionable insights and unlock value rapidly.

figure of a guy holding a mobile phone
Our solutions help to remove friction, better represent how fans wish to engage with you and bring the digital and physical worlds together.

“We want to better connect the physical in-venue experience with digital.”

“How do I attract younger fans who are not just satisfied with attending a game?”

“Younger fans want more than just access to the venue. How do we meet this need?”

“We are about to and already have invested in a new venue and want to consider how the experience will attract more fans.”

The Opportunity

Half of Gen Z have never attended a professional sporting event. Younger fans are not satisfied with venue access alone and increasingly expect their digital-first desires be met.

How We Can Help

Taking a service design-led approach, we focus on customer need states, build out strategy to support the customer journey and create mutual value for all stakeholders.

An illustration of a mobile phone
Extend fan engagement throughout the season and offseason by creating opportunities for brand interaction before and after what happens on the field.

“We want to elevate the fan experience and measure what worked and what did not.”

“Digitally empowered fans expect more than a one-size-fits-all experience. How do we deliver this?”

“How do we remove friction from the fan experience so they can immerse themselves in the game?”

The Opportunity

Digitally empowered fans expect more than a one-size-fits-all experience. On the other hand, casual fans may encounter choice overload and unnecessary clutter, which can impact engagement.

How We Can Help

We work with sports organizations to improve experiences and increase fan engagement by understanding people’s desires and orchestrating messaging in relevant, targeted ways. Deploying state-of-the-art AI, we can help suggest next-best actions and use data signals generated over time to iterate and optimize.

An illustrtation of two guys sitting having a conversation
Build your competitive edge by creating new revenue streams, delivering the messages your fans want, and increasing value for you and your partners.

“Our game is truly global, but we are unable to activate these fans to the benefit of the team.”

“I do not have a good idea of who our fans are or where they are located. How do I engage and monetize them?”

The Opportunity

The way sports are consumed today is changing. Shifts in privacy policy have increased the value of 1st-party data, allowing teams to generate new and measurable economic benefit from all available data sources.

How We Can Help

Data monetization opportunities allow teams access to media networks and data marketplaces at a marginal cost. By delivering heightened experiences, teams create greater engagement for their members, partners and affiliates.

An illustration of a heart with many people around it, representing community
Craft digital experiences that offer greater access and deeper engagement opportunities to capture the imagination of fans in venues and on devices all around the world.

“We have done little to innovate and capture the fandom around our team for younger audiences.”

“A majority of our fans will likely never attend a live event.”

“We have little to offer younger fans beyond the on-field product.”

The Opportunity

With fans accessing content from a variety of sources, sports brands have many new tools at their disposal to help create value-driving interactive experiences.

How We Can Help

With Web3 capabilities, we can create engagement and additional revenue by considering each fan’s experience, geography and needs. Then, we’ll help define the right use cases to invest against and track data points that will help measure your success.

an illustration of a VR headset
By strategically employing AI, our digital solutions boost profits and create memorable experiences across organizations and their fan ecosystems.

“Where in the organization should Generative AI be used?”

“Do we have the right data for establishing Generative AI models?”

“What are the risks associated with using Generative AI?”

“Should we build our own Generative AI strategy, roadmap and plan?”

The Opportunity

AI has been powering consumer applications for several years, even within the sports world. Teams can employ AI as a value driver to enhance fan experiences and create operational efficiency across a multitude of use cases.

How We Can Help

Our disciplined approach starts with understanding business problems that AI can address. Then we build thoughtful solutions against potentially valuable use cases, all while balancing risks, costs and speed.

An illustration of a desktop computer
Remove friction from experiences and connect data and technology across the enterprise to optimize engagement and revenue.

“We have invested in technology, but are not seeing the results we expected.”

“We need to take a closer look at our tech stack and understand how it may be inhibiting our ability to optimize the experience for fans and generate revenue for the team.”

“We have data coming in and stored in a multitude of places. It is impossible to create meaningful actions in our current state.”

The Opportunity

Siloed data and tech-stack limitations can inhibit teams from creating and delivering revenue-generating activities and heightened experiences.

How We Can Help

We make it easy for sports fans to engage, buy and interact—first by understanding your brand’s current state, and then by introducing fluidity, flexibility and connectivity.

An illustration of a round pie chart, representing data

What Professional Sports Teams Should Consider to Drive Revenue and Protect Financial Investments

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