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Global Equipment Rental Specialist

B2B Leader Wows with Integrated Omnichannel Experience

An intelligent and scalable e-commerce platform that powers business growth.

One of the largest equipment rental companies embarked on a digital business transformation that would position their organization to own the future of rental. Their aim was to set a new standard for what a rental company could do for customers through continuous innovation. Our integrated team partnered with the client to deliver an integrated customer experience as well as address the business pain points.

The Imperative for Change

A global equipment rental specialist realized that delivering personalized experiences was essential to their success. They also needed to fix their broken web reservation platform that was causing significant funnel leakage. Publicis Sapient was engaged to implement a new e-commerce solution that was flexible, scalable and intelligent to drive operational efficiencies and generate additional revenue.

The Transformative Solution

Publicis Sapient partnered with the client to modernize their digital ecosystem and enable more seamless, customer-centric experiences. To bring the omnichannel experience to life, our engineering and experience experts implemented a dynamic, component-driven architecture with Adobe Experience Cloud integrated with Adobe Commerce. We are helping the client measure site performance and gather data to inform critical business decisions. Implementing a hybrid Adobe Cloud and Azure solution enabled complete automation, ensuring security and performance.

The Impact

The results we achieved with the client transformed not just their bottom line, but their culture, their operations and their reputation.

The new ecommerce platform is helping the client realize their goal of driving a strong channel shift from offline to online reservations and freeing up their sales representatives’ time to focus on business growth and building relationships.

In less than 2 months post-launch of the new digital platform, user search activity increased significantly, and many more products were viewed on-line. There was also a reduction in funnel leakage as well as an increase in the average order value, all leading to an increase in revenue.

Aymen Toor
Aymen Toor
Managing Partner, Publicis Sapient